10 design trends to help transform your bathroom

2 years ago
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You spend more time in your bathroom than you think, so keeping it stylish with the latest trends is vitally important if you want to keep that relaxing retreat up-to-date.

We take a look at some of the top bathroom trends of this year to help stop your shower area becoming an eye-sore. 

1. Neutral Palette 

A classical bathroom with a calm, neutral palette is something that is always on-trend and will be for years to come — so you can’t really lose.

835 High

Try and keep one colour and one material throughout, like Carr Design have brilliantly incorporated into 835 High. The consistent use of white marble and white tones makes the bathroom look special and brings a jewel-box-like feel. 

2. Statement basin 

Your basin doesn’t have to be hidden and boring, so show it off in all its glory. 

credit: Hui

Don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour here. Coloured basins are coming back on trend, as long as you choose one that complements this harmony of simplicity and quality in your bathroom. 

3. Dual sinks 

As well as being super practical, having two basins looks fantastic and makes the bathroom appear grander.


According to this is the second most popular bathroom trend on Instagram. It can fit into all kinds of shower areas, from traditional to modern and from average sized to spacious. 

It can also add value to your home. While one sink is typical and essential, two basins make your home more desirable and attractive to home buyers.  

4. Plantlife

As the emphasis on health and wellbeing increases, people are bringing more plantlife into their homes.

Lothian Street

But this doesn’t have to just mean placing a few flowers or plants in the living areas, you can achieve your own botanical oasis in your bathroom. Place a pot plant on a stool, or go further and hang some Devils ivy in a corner or next to a mirror. 

5. Freestanding oval bath 

In the bathrooms of the 90s, showers and baths were incorporated as one for optimum functionality — but now most modern bathrooms separate them.

Bowen & Queens

There’s something pretty majestic about a free-standing bath and, like the basin, the simplicity of the oval design makes it desirable in a lot of new bathrooms. 

6. Circular mirrors

Perhaps matching the oval shapes of the baths, round mirrors are taking over rectangular ones as the more on-trend option. 

Lily Garden

This modern design at Lily Garden sees these round mirrors incorporated into the rectangular free-standing cupboards to create an aura of exclusive sophistication. 

7. Rainfall showers

Going are the days of single removable shower heads — now they’re being joined by ones that are built into the ceiling or wall to create rainfall showers.

credit: Fontana Showers

Once you’ve experienced the gentle flow of a rainfall shower cascade over your head and body, you won’t want to go back. 

8. Gold and brass fittings 

To create a contrast in colour to your neutral palette, black or gold are fast becoming the shades of choice to produce a lavish bathroom.

Ten To Twelve Lindsay St

Here, at Ten To Twelve Lindsay St, not only is the tapware gold but the shower and cupboard fittings are as well. 

9. Floating vanities 

There are lots of benefits to installing a floating vanity, but perhaps the main reason is its ability to create more space within a bathroom.

Pace of Ascot Vale

This design is being incorporated into more and more bathrooms, producing a more lavish interior while increasing practicality. 

10. Woven baskets

With all these modern touches going into these new bathrooms, it’s understandable to try and balance that with some more homely touches. 

credit: HGTV

Woven baskets bring this feeling, while not looking out of place in your new-found modern bathroom interior.

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Hero image: The Gentry Alexandria