3 tips to finding the right home builder

5 years ago
2 minutes

It’s a complex process that can take many months and, ultimately, the biggest difference you can make is to select the right builder.

Keep the following three tips in the back of your mind when researching your home building and you’ll avoid choosing the wrong one.


You wouldn’t trust a doctor who wasn’t qualified and accredited. The same goes for your builder!

Make sure they are a member of the Master Builders Australia and your state’s regulatory building authority. It’s your guarantee that your builder will conduct all aspects of the process – from the estimate to the contract, to the construction itself – with the necessary expertise.


Knowing that your builder is going to abide by the rules will give you great peace of mind. If you step inside a home that wasn’t built and certified by a qualified builder, you’d know straight away, so don’t take the risk.

Ask to see their accreditations, or look for them on their website.


The best kind of referral comes from a friend or someone you trust who had a great experience with a particular builder.

If someone you know is happy with the process and the outcome of working with a particular builder, that’s great. Otherwise, online reviews are another good place to start. What are past customers saying about them?

A builder doesn’t have to be part of a large organisation to be reputable. It’s true that a large company has obvious benefits, such as being able to bring down material costs thanks to their buying power. But a smaller independent builder might be more accommodating and able to fit your build into their schedule sooner.

Research thoroughly and you’ll find a builder that feels right, and whose past performance is recognised and respected.



A home is a very personal thing. When the day comes to move into your brand new home, you want it to be perfect. You want everything to be exactly as you dreamed it would be.

You have to be comfortable the builder or company is someone you feel comfortable working with for several months. Having a builder who doesn’t listen to what you want will make both the process and the result a horrible experience for you.

Maintaining good ongoing communication with your home builder throughout the process is vital. That’s why the best builders are open to discussion, clear about what you can and cannot tailor and customise in a home, and patient when it comes to listening to your needs.

A good builder wants you to be so happy with the results that you recommend them to your friends.

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