5 Game of Thrones inspired interiors by Modsy

5 years ago
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With its impending series finale fast approaching, everyone’s talking about Game of Thrones. Before it all comes to a presumably gory end, the interior design team from Modsy has created renders of rooms inspired by the hit fantasy world. Let’s take a look.

House Tyrell

The wealthy family resides in the warmer regions of the Seven Kingdoms. They’re a summery clan and their house coat of arms bears a rose so it only makes sense that Modsy created a home featuring floral themes. 

Utilising a range of textures and patterns, they instilled the render of a living room with a bold feminine vibe. Dark flowery wallpaper and black accented furniture keep the space from feeling too light-hearted — a perfect reflection of the matriarchal and mercurial House Tyrell.


House Lannister

Further inland, the Lannisters occupy the capital King’s Landing and what better way to represent the fierce and cunning royal family than with a majestic steel and timber bedhead and rich-hued red carpets?


Gold-gilded side tables and lighting further enhance the style while a timber chandelier creates a focal point in the centre of the bedroom.


House Targaryen

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the themed room of GoT’s most unhinged family would be dramatic and chaotic. But Modsy chose to hone in on the days Daenerys spent with the Dothraki — back when she was a softer and more innocent version of the dragon queen she becomes.


Utilising a neutral colour palette of whites and greys, Modsy chose a gorgeously canopied couch with delicate trim as the centrepiece of this room. Warm golden hued artwork instils the space with an element of drama and the team couldn't resist rendering dragon-related decor as an ode to Daenerys’ ‘children’.


House Stark

Further to the north, where winter lasts for decades, the Stark family are more humble and down to earth than their southern counterparts. As a result, this themed room is filled with warm timbers and stone materials. 


The bed frame makes a refined statement while the light fixture pays homage to Bran’s connection to the Three-Eyed Raven and ability to see through the family’s ‘weirdwood’ trees.

White Walkers

The team couldn’t resist creating a room for the major threat to all those who live in the Seven Kingdoms. Filled with steely blue accents and plush fabrics to combat the eternal winter the White Walkers seek to bring, the room is dramatic.


White couches and furred chairs are complemented by cool-toned rugs and carpets, adding a cosy element to this otherwise austere room. We especially love the rough-hewn timber side tables which add a rustic element to the space.

Source: Modsy