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4 years ago
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A dream outdoor area, complete with a garden, patio, and doghouse isn’t always viable for apartment living — but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be making the most of your outdoor space.

A private outdoor balcony is actually desirable for most people living in city apartments, regardless of the size.

So if you are currently using yours as a graveyard for dead plants or broken outdoor furniture, you owe it to yourself to make the most of it. 

Here are a few ideas to achieve your perfect outdoor oasis. 

Table and chairs

A balcony is the perfect place for a morning coffee and breakfast pastry. Make this possible with a stylish table and matching chairs. Choose a set that folds up easily so you can store it inside if necessary. This one from loungelovers is simple and inexpensive — perfect for any outdoor space.


If you’re after a table and chairs that can accommodate a larger group, then there are a few clever built-in seating solutions. Install a bench that wraps around the interior of your balcony. This gives you room to move around, sit a number of people and place a small table.

credit: KG via Pinterest

Add greenery 

Downsizing a garden is certainly a challenge, but don’t be afraid to pack your balcony with planters filled with lush plants to create the feel of that backyard you always wanted.

credit: Decora y Vende

You can also make use of those railings with some hanging pot plants. Or go one step further and add shelving for your greenery — fill it with some herbs to make your balcony smell as good as it looks

If you’re struggling to find the perfect specific plant for your balcony, a Japanese Maple makes for an amazing focal point, while ferns or hostas will complement your centrepiece nicely. 

Don’t forget the floor 

Sometimes there’s no need to invest in outdoor furniture, especially if you’re renting. Instead, get some colourful and comfortable floor pillows that can do double duty inside. 

credit: Ruchie Lal

You’ve probably heard the term ‘bringing the outdoors in’, well don’t be afraid to do the reverse and add an outdoor rug that you can use both inside and out.

These items don’t just make a focal point in the living room, they also add pattern and character outside as well — be sure to choose one that will stand up to the elements though. 

credit: Green Decore

Decorate the walls 

You don’t have to hang plants off the walls if you don’t want to, instead decorate them with some outdoor art. This metal sunflower decor is a cheap idea to add colour to a dull, white exterior. Or purchase something a bit more decadent with this bamboo wall art rust from outdoor living direct.

Bunnings also have a range of outdoor art, like this Charcoal Baroque piece. It’s low maintenance and made from 100 per cent recycled plastic so it will not rot, rust or be eaten by insects. 

credit: Bunnings

Finally, add some illumination by hanging some fairy lights. At night these create a fantastic ambiance — add them to some candles and create the ideal evening retreat. 

credit: Lowes

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