Benefits Of Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

8 years ago
1 minutes

Use tall windows as the artwork for your next interiors as they reveal the home's open plan while giving you a picturesque view of what lies outside those closed blinds. Such windows can help you to revive your interiors by using the view as your inspiration.

Tall windows allow for natural light to enter the room, the number one source of healthy living, for our mind, body and soul. If you're concerned about privacy, big windows don't make it impossible.

Natural light can still pour in while maintaining privacy. Simply get translucent glass which allow the view to be obscured while the natural light can still enter. Not only do they bring in natural light, but also emphasise high ceilings and voluminous rooms.

Lending height to your home, by scaling your windows and doors to the existing volume of your room up to 8ft can look classy and uniform. Don't stop there – even smaller rooms can still take advantage of plentiful space with big windows at a lower ceiling height.

Get playful with your furniture and the windows, aligning with the dining table so that it looks symmetrically and the proportion looks neat.

Tall windows and high rooflines must be taken advantage of, to ensure a stunning view is completely visible, looking elegant and clean, while exuding a sense of power from the exterior.

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