How buying off the plan gives you the home you want

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4 years ago
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There are plenty of benefits to buying a new apartment off the plan. But one of the most satisfying is that you get to determine a lot about the home you’re buying. Here are just some of the ways buying off the plan gives you more of a chance to get the home you want.

Floorplan options

Whilst existing properties have their floorplans locked in stone (or concrete, at least) the beauty of selecting a brand new apartment off the plan is that those plans offer a range of choice.

Most multi-residential buildings are made up of a mix of floorplans, bedroom configurations and positions within the overall structure. The sooner you enquire about a project when it becomes available, the sooner you get to choose the shape, size and position of the apartment in that project that suits your needs.

Colour schemes

Most apartment projects offer a minimum of two colour schemes to choose from. These are usually in the form of a light and a dark option. This gives you the chance to start off with a backdrop that’s more in keeping with your personal taste. These schemes may also be configured with different finishes and materials.

In most instances, the colour options are neutral in tone. This gives you the perfect blank canvas making it easy for you to personalise your home with colours you like through your own furnishings and artwork.


Fixtures upgrades

Many projects offer an option to upgrade the standard fixtures to a higher specification. This is particularly common in kitchens, where upgrade options include major appliances like ovens, stovetops and dishwashers. Of course, all of this comes at an additional cost, but if you’re a keen home cook it’s a great opportunity to set yourself up with a great quality kitchen. You might also have the ability to select smaller details like the style of tapware, lighting fixtures, cabinetry handles, and so on.

Likewise, bathrooms are also spaces which developers give buyers the opportunity to make their own. Upgrade packages here may include a choice of shower and tap fixtures – for example chrome, matt black or brass finish – as well as tile colours. Where these selections are aligned to a particular colour scheme, you may not even have to pay extra for the style you want.

Choice of amenities

A large number of apartment developments feature a range of amenities like swimming pools, gyms, communal dining rooms for special occasions, and rooftop gardens with bbq facilities.

When searching for your off the plan apartment, keep in mind the amenities the building may have on offer. Whilst this is less likely to be a major concern, it’s still another way you get to choose what you surround yourself with. Therefore, it has a positive effect on how you live in your home.

Hero image: Esplanade Norwest