One portal marketing strategy delivers 100% of sales

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4 months ago
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When it came to selling apartments in his new, high-end development Ducale, Frank Developments managing director Frank Licastro knew he needed to attract qualified leads with considerable budgets, while at the same time preserving his own marketing spend.

A collection of 26 premium homes – some over two stories and some with private pools - Ducale will include luxury facilities such as a roof-top pool, dining and entertainment areas and a state of the art gym. 

The BYculprit-designed development oozes elegance and simplicity, honouring the existing architecture of Teneriffe and capturing the suburb’s village feel: factors Frank knew were always going to attract a specific type of off-the-plan buyer.

“Our core focus is high-end residential,” he says. 

“We wanted to narrow-down our buyer-pool to focus on those off-the-plan buyers in particular, while also keeping our marketing budget protected.”

With confidence in the product, Frank Developments’ marketing strategy was to maximise ROI by pinpointing the right type of buyer on one listings portal, which would launch at the same time as hoardings went up on site. 

“Apartments & Developments was the only listing platform we used to promote Ducale, purely because we knew we could access those top-end buyers with a genuine interest in the property.”

He says after just over three months listed on Apartments & Developments, Ducale is 80 per cent sold out, and all of those sales came from the Apartments & Developments website -

“We are very pleased with the result,” Frank says.

“Construction has not even commenced yet and we have already secured buyers for most of our apartments.” 

Frank says it was important that the right potential purchasers were targeted during the sales campaign – people who were looking to buy off-the plan in the Brisbane area.  

“I live locally and work locally, so community is a strong focus for us,” he says. 

“Apartments & Developments allowed us to speak specifically to motivated, top-end buyers who were in the market for the high-end residential properties we build.

“The listing portal’s strong connection with off-plan buyers in conjunction with street-level advertising worked together to create a buzz and a call-to-action, and convert that into sales.”

One of the ways Apartments & Developments helps developers connect with buyers is through collecting detailed information on their lead capture forms.

“It’s really comprehensive information,” Frank says. 

“Not only is it the basic contact info, but we can also see when they are looking to buy, what their budget is, and what type of buyer they are.

“It allows us to have the right conversations with the right buyers at the right time.”

"Apartments & Developments allows us to have the right conversations with the right buyers at the right time" - Frank Licastro

Beyond utilising Apartments & Developments access to high-end buyers who are in the market to purchase in off-the-plan developments, Frank says AD Group’s Showcase display suite solution is a must-have when helping buyers imagine the space. 

“The Showcase team provided a digital display suite solution for our sales consultants to take buyers through their new apartments,” Frank explains.

“Content on the LED walls in the immersion rooms is controlled by our sales team. 

“Connected to the Showcase app, our consultants can show buyers the views from their actual apartment on the huge LED screens; take them through their floor plans; show them local amenities - whatever they want to see.

“As a whole, AD Group’s exceptional relationship-building is second-to-none.

“We have been very grateful for AD delivering on what they said and promised from the beginning - including an abundance of quality leads at a very low CPL - which is value for money in this challenging market,” Frank says.