6 interior design trends making a statement in 2022

2 years ago
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Moving into 2022, functionality and a detour away from all-white interiors will lead the way in interior design trends. With the pandemic continuing to affect many Australians and hybrid working conditions becoming the norm, having multi-functional and visually stunning home interiors is a must. These seven interior trends are set to dominate design choices throughout 2022.

Nature-inspired aesthetics

The Harrington offers a choice of marble or caesarstone bench-tops.

Over the past two years Australians have spent more time indoors than ever before. This has led to an increase in nature-inspired surfaces and objects, otherwise known as biophilic design. Stoneware, marble and terracotta are being used by many interior designers to mimic the soothing atmosphere of the outdoors. 

Nature-inspired interiors have also seen a surge in the popularity of house plants. Not only are houseplants beautiful, but they have also been proven to reduce stress levels and improve your mood. 


SOHO Hawksburn features double glazed floor to ceiling windows. 

Sustainability is a huge design trend moving into 2022, often going hand-in-hand with biophilic interior design. Balancing aesthetic beauty with functionality, sustainable design sees features like architecturally designed interiors, double glazed windows and cross-flow ventilation being implemented to reduce residents’ reliance on energy in the home. 

Functional home offices

Author Townhomes in Box Hill South features options for a home office or study. 

Functionality is paramount moving into 2022. For many Australians, working from home has become the norm and something that people aren’t looking to give up any time soon. Functional home offices are increasingly being built into the floorplans of new developments. According to Architectural Digest, ergonomic workstations in particular are set to gain popularity in 2022. 

Home bars

Melior features some residences with a private lockup garage and wine room. 

Home bars are also growing in popularity, as people are increasingly hosting family and friends at home rather than going out. Having a formal home bar or wine fridge in your home adds a level of sophistication that is highly ideal for frequent entertainers. 

Brown Tones 

The Banks Precinct offers unrivalled beach-side living with every convenience on your doorstep. 

Whilst all white interiors are on the way out, neutral brown tones are set to become popular for lovers of minimalist interior design. 80s style chocolate brown tones are predicted to make a comeback in 2022, in addition to lighter caramel and camel hues. 

Pastels and all white interiors have been popular for the last few years, so it’s expected that people may be looking for a change whilst still remaining fairly neutral in their colour palette. 

Bold colours and patterns

Juxtaposing the popularity of brown tones is the continuing trend of bold colours in interior design. Marcus Barwell, Managing Director of Soho House Design, told Vogue that citrus green and RAF blue are colours that we’re likely to see a lot of throughout 2022. 

With the rise of 1940s Chintz inspired decor, wallpaper is also predicted to continue its popularity throughout 2022. In what Vogue is calling “grandmillennial” design, floral patterns are being embraced to create a more a curated version of the more-is-more look.

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