Australian designer reinventing the breeze block

4 years ago
2 minutes

How about something like this in your home? Tom Fereday, an award-winning Australian industrial designer, has developed a faceted cement breeze block that can be flipped over and combined in various ways to create elegant structures.


Fereday, who has collaborated with the world’s top brands, notably Louis Vuitton, has created the Omni building tool in a bid to “reinvent the traditional breeze block for the modern-day environment”.

Omni’s angular shape features a wider futon and narrower bar surface, which are joined at an angle and enclose a rounded central void.


This allows for the bricks to be laid alternately with the front and rear surface aligned. They can be used to create straight walls, or combined with the front edges touching to create kinked or L-shaped surfaces.

Omni’s versatility allows not only for beautifully curated walls, but for table legs, or anything else designers can come up with.

"By considering and experimenting with the traditional form of the breeze block we were able to entirely re-imagine the product and its potential application," said Fereday. 


"By addressing the potential for the possibility of new applications other than simple straight feature walls, the Omni block entirely re-invents the category, opening up opportunities for designers to interpret its use for both indoor and outdoor applications.”

This concept very much lends itself to industrial-chic being implemented into a home. This is where interior design takes inspiration from old factories and industrial spaces, that in recent years have been converted to lofts and other living areas.

Anchor & Cecil

It can present fantastic results, so much so that Bensons Property Group have incorporated this into their new opulent development in Prahran, Anchor & Cecil. Here, a neutral palette has been wonderfully mixed with warming natural wood flooring and earthy colours, to create a home of ultimate luxury. 

Omni’s new breeze block design also complements exposed brick. This feature creates a feeling of warmth and character, emanating a loft-esque feel while maintaining a contemporary atmosphere.

credit: Portapivot

Combine this with an industrial glass frame, like this one designed by Portapivot to produce an incredible aesthetic while maintaining the flow of the home.

It’s clear Fereday’s creation will look stunning in these type of homes and is a wonderful, sustainable and simple piece of engineering. 

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