The Real Or Fake Debate

8 years ago
2 minutes

The dilemma of all dilemmas: real or fake?

The question that can be applied to many situations; but today, we ask, are real Christmas trees or fake ones better?

Many swear by their ways, yet who is right?

Let’s make a case for the fake, first.


Easy to assemble, they’re (relatively) cheap, reusable, and are easy to put into storage.


They can be rather hurtful to the environment (the irony of a fake tree is enough) as well as yourself, they don’t have the beautiful aroma of pine.

Some fake trees have traces of lead and other chemical additives that have been proven to cause harm to humans - be sure to read the packaging before you buy one.


Is there a case for real?


They smell fantastic, choosing the one for you is always fun, they are rarely grown in forests but rather in purpose built plantations for the Christmas period, you’re helping Australians by buying the trees from them.


Getting rid of them can be difficult, pine needles are less fun when they are scattered all over your carpet, and accidentally knocking over that water bucket at the bottom is never fun either.


It really comes down to perspective; if you’re looking at it from an environmental reason, clearly the real-tree is beneficial and therefore the winner, but if you’re looking at it in terms of compatibility, then the fake-tree may be the way to go.

Currently, at our home, we have a fake one - and it kills me. There is something magical about the smell of pine that really screams Christmas!

She-who-shall-not-be-named is adamant that a fake one is one, easier to set up, and two, easier to tear down - and I hate to say it, but she is right. 

For us apartment-dwellers, the idea of a fold-away christmas tree, despite the obvious aesthetic and emotional attachments, is far more realistic for our lifestyle. 

No longer do we have to lug up a Christmas tree through the elevator doors, and back down again come January 1.

It’s a big decision, as it can define your Christmas - so choose wisely.