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9 years ago
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Two bedroom/two bathroom apartments are dominating interest, with new inner city projects being an area that everyone wants to build in.

Amanda Hodges, Associate of Project Marketing at Colliers International, asserts that foreign investment will still appeal in 2015.

" Foreign investment in Melbourne property is largely driven by owner occupiers seeking a lifestyle defined by the ability to access world class education, quality employment and business opportunities. Coupled with a safe and stable economic environment for them and their investment to prosper. Similarly, investors are attracted by strong economic fundamentals exhibited by Australia. A low Aussie dollar is likely to continue to attract foreign investors", said Amanda Hodges.

"With the supply of new inner city projects currently constrained due to a lack of planning permits being issued, we are anticipating high levels of demand for the inner city projects that launch in 2015", Hodges continued. 

Whilst there are a lot of one-bedroom apartments being built in inner city areas, increasing the units per floor average, two bedroom/two bathroom apartments are the most attractive, no matter the area.

"With different property locations and with varying demographics of the end user, means they dictate which product tends to attract most interest. For example in Melbourne CBD, dictated by young professionals and students - affordable two bedroom two bathroom apartments have attracted overwhelming demand as these properties tend to rent very well. These apartments are able to accommodate flatmates comfortably where two parties can each have a bathroom to themselves or alternatively, a young Gen Y who has regular house guests may continue to use their own private bathroom while playing host to friends and family visiting town."

Much like other agents, Amanda Hodges understands that research is really the key. If we have learnt anything from each agent, it is that take your time in reseaching.

" When purchasing off-the-plan, buyers should thoroughly research the ability of the developer to deliver the project. Who are the main consultants and are they reputable – architects, interiors designers, builders? Which projects have they built and settled in the past and what is the financial backing of the developer? Prior to submitting for work as the master sales agent for large scale projects, we thoroughly research our potential clients based on this criteria", she concluded.

Amanda Hodges is an Associate of Project Marketing at Colliers International, and is regarded as one of the most skilled Project Marketers in Melbourne.