Ask Trilby's Architect

Market Insights
8 years ago
2 minutes

If you are thinking about buying a new apartment, you will most likely have a lot of questions to ask. Will there be enough room for my shoe collection? How many other apartments will be on my level? What are the finishes in bathroom? What style of handles do the kitchen cupboards have?

The more you think about it, the more questions you will have! 

Saturday 21st November presents a fantastic opportunity to get all your questions answered in one go, up front. As the Lead Architect of Trilby, Inhabit’s Ariel Lopez will be on-hand to answer pressing and vexing questions.

As an outstanding collection of fashionable living spaces, Trilby, situated at 466–482 Smith Street, is a new apartment offering in Collingwood.

Retaining its distinctive heritage façade, Trilby incorporates the best of old and new Collingwood characteristics under one roof. 

In his approach to the Trilby site, Ariel Lopez was very aware of the manufacturing and industrial heritage of Collingwood, which is currently undergoing rapid gentrification.

Ariel Lopez sums up his architectural approach for Trilby:

“The industrial brick façade of the building informed the identity of the development. I’m really interested in creating a visual language respectful to the street and the individual experiences of those living in the building.”

Making the most of long summer nights, the experience of living at Trilby will be heightened even further on the rooftop with a veritable playground of amenity which will include an outdoor cinema, fully equipped kitchen, library, bar and Teppanyaki grill. 

Make the most of this opportunity to meet Ariel Lopez; listen to his reflections on site, his inspiration for Trilby’s unique design approach and why Trilby is the best residential property currently on the market in Collingwood.

Find out more about Trilby, here.