Collingwood Brew

Market Insights
9 years ago
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What was once a flowing beer house, is now in a state of transformation. The Yorkshire Brewery is a new development in Collingwood, Victoria. 

Set amongst a flurry of residential housing, the Yorkshire Brew House stood out - dominating the Collingwood skyline - until it was decommissioned, closed and then eventually decayed. 

Developer, SMA Projects, is building the Yorkshire Brew House with quality in mind, and that has been proven with 90% of the $220m project already sold off-the-plan.

Hayball-Architects designed this project with the idea to maintain the old-brew house as a centrepiece to the spectacle. Roofed with French Second empire rooftop, the Yorkshire Brewery is renowned for its domination of the Collingwood Skyline, and Hayball-Architects didn’t want that to change. The studio, one, two and three bedroom apartments, as well as the 18 two-storey townhouses, have been placed around this rooftop tower. 

“We’ve had overwhelming interest from day one, when we had 300 people through the display suite on the opening weekend,” said SMA Projects Director Martin Strode. “The success of the project is a sign of a strengthening market, but is also due to the history and character associated with the site.”

With more and more Melbournians migrating to the CBD (recent ABS statistics reveal that Melbourne’s CBD population is booming at a record rate, doubling in the last nine years and jumping an unprecedented 23 per cent in the year to June 2013), it’s clear the demand for an inner city lifestyle is higher than ever. This is further reflected in Collingwood, just 1.5km from the CBD, with the suburb’s median house and apartment price increasing 34 per cent since 2008.

Included in the design will be a landscaped piazza with a wine bar, deli and a cafe.

“Melbourne’s population boom is transforming us into a generation of apartment dwellers and Collingwood is one of the few CBD fringe areas that doesn’t have an oversupply of developments,” said Strode.

Despite 90% having been sold, ensure to check out more information at and