Construction has commenced on the new Kirra Gardens apartments in Camberwell

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1 year ago
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Construction is currently underway to make way for a brand-new apartment building in Camberwell, transforming this residential neighbourhood.

A series of exceptional residences born from a renowned collaboration between Emery Group, C.Kairouz Architects, and Durie Design have begun construction in the prestigious Camberwell, with completion due by early 2024.

Kirra Gardens is located in the prestigious, affluent suburb of Camberwell. Click here to learn more. 

Kirra Gardens is located on Dickens Street in Camberwell. This beautiful neighbourhood is full of sporting clubs, schools, amenities, and parks that foster a vibrant and healthy outdoor lifestyle.

The exclusive series of Kirra Gardens apartments offers the choice of premium and platinum finishes, allowing residents to experience the heightened quality of life that comes from genuinely considered design. With 50% of units already sold before construction, Kirra Gardens is one of the most sought-after apartments for home buyers and investors alike in the suburb.

Kirra Gardens features two and three-bedroom units. Each unit has large floor plans with an arbour entryway that fosters a prominent sense of arrival, high-quality integrated electric appliances, seamless storage opportunities, a curated private garden, and built-in sustainability. 

Kirra Gardens features curated private gardens and outdoor terraces. Click here to learn more. 

Life at Kirra Gardens is effortless, safe, and rewarding. With a project that includes a range of services available exclusively to residents, this, without a doubt, makes Kirra Gardens suitable for everyone from first-time buyers, growing families, investors, or those looking to downsize to a low-maintenance new apartment.

Kirra Gardens is a sustainable apartment development that makes smart use of common spaces for residents to enjoy. The design of Kirra Gardens incorporates several communal outdoor areas, fostering a lively village atmosphere while integrating a modern design, a sense of community, and a strong connection to nature. 

“It’s never been so important for thoughtful landscape design to play an equal role in sophisticated residential architecture. Kirra Gardens has embraced this philosophy from its inception, resulting in a truly balanced intuitive design that offers a harmonious lifestyle filled with greenery. The team at Durie Design and I are proud to play a part in this.” - Jamie Durie OAM, Principal at Durie Design. 

Kirra Gardens is designed by renowned C.Kairouz Architects, with Jaime Durie of Durie Designs. Click here to learn more. 

Homes at Kirra Gardens are equipped with high-efficiency heat hot water pumps, which are approximately 300% more energy efficient than conventional electric resistance water heaters. Double-glazed windows improve thermal comfort within the home, reducing the need for heating and cooling whilst minimising noise. A large solar PV system will also reduce energy bills whilst lowering the carbon footprint significantly. 

The project’s extensive landscaping, by Durie Design, contributes to greater sustainability within the development, complete with large rain gardens that treat stormwater. There is also 15,000 litres of rainwater storage for reuse. Provisions for electric vehicle car stations are provided in the garage.

Kirra Gardens boasts immaculate luxury and sustainability. The landscaping of Kirra Gardens is made to blur the lines between in and out whilst fostering greater sustainability, increased well-being, and a genuine sense of community. At the same time, the interior is composed of pure and luxurious finishes, finely crafted details, and a limitless sense of space.

Emery Group plans to officially debut the property in early 2024, when the units will be available for tenants to move into. 

For more information about Kirra Gardens or to enquire, click here.