Discover Roulston and Buxton Group's latest collection: Malvern Gardens

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9 months ago
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With a legacy of ten years helping over 100 families find their dream apartments in coveted Stonnington, boutique real estate developer Roulston and family-owned property development group Buxton Group present the next edition in their enriching collection, Malvern Gardens.

Malvern Gardens comprises a series of elegant residences in the heart of Malvern. Currently in planning, act now to secure your exclusive residence in this standout luxury development.

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Forged to perfection by a trusted team, Malvern Gardens is a legacy in the making, nestled in one of Melbourne’s most refined cosmopolitan precincts.

Developer Roulston takes pride in providing their clients with the utmost peace of mind. With Malvern Gardens, they have gone the extra mile by offering a range of unparalleled buyer guarantees.

The luxury development comes with a comprehensive six-year building guarantee, assuring residents that their investment is protected. Alongside this guarantee, a generous 52-week defect period allows you to report any issues, and the project team will promptly rectify them, ensuring that the quality of your home remains uncompromised.

Like Roulston and Buxton Group’s previous project Central Park (shown), Malvern Gardens offers unparalleled buyer guarantees. Click here to learn more.

Additionally, in a development built with luxury in mind, top-of-the-line appliances are a must. Recognising this, Roulston and Buxton Group provide a five-year warranty on all appliances in Malvern Gardens. This warranty guarantees the seamless functioning of appliances, offering you the convenience and peace of mind you deserve.

With Ewert Leaf as project architect, your Malvern Gardens residence is designed to the highest standards. The firm is distinguished by its creative yet commercial approach to design, achieving great industry success, including being named winner of the Melbourne Design Awards 2014. They bring their expertise to Malvern Gardens.

Renowned Jack Merlo is on deck as landscape architect, mirroring Malvern’s picturesque verdant character in Malvern Gardens. Widely celebrated for creativity, ingenuity, and quality of work, Jack Merlo’s stunning work maximises functionality of space using materials and design concepts that harmonise with the environment and are long-lasting and low maintenance.

Roulston and Buxton Group incorporate high-quality fixtures and fittings across all their projects, as seen here in Central Park. Click here to learn more.

Located on 1287-1295 High Street in Malvern, Malvern Gardens is nestled in one of Melbourne’s most refined cosmopolitan precincts. Thus, you will be perfectly positioned to benefit from all this affluent suburb has to offer.

Explore perfectly manicured gardens, a vibrant cafe culture, some of Melbourne’s most reputable private schools, delectable patisseries, lifestyle amenities, and more close by at this address. All this is just a 20-minute drive from the CBD.

As Roulston and Buxton Group’s next edition in a decade-long commitment to quality and delivering homes that enrich the architectural fabric of Stonnington and those who live within, every detail of Malvern Gardens has been considered and perfected.

Don’t miss out; secure your place in this exceptional residential offering now.

Click here for more information or to enquire about Malvern Gardens.

Header image of Central Park by Roulston and Buxton Group.