Enjoy wellness-enhancing inclusions valued at over $30k at Melbourne Square - the city’s ultimate address.

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3 years ago
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Thanks to this new, exclusive offer, buyers at Melbourne Square can work with the expert team at interiors firm Coco Republic to tailor their brand-new home to their style, lifestyle and individual aesthetic. 

Global wellness real estate pioneers, Delos, has also been working with the Melbourne Square team to create healthier indoor living spaces. The innovative DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence ecosystem encourages healthier and more productive living through advanced air and water filtration, as well as smart lighting that mimics daylight patterns to improve residents’ daytime performance. 

New ‘Life & Style Edition’ residences at Melbourne Square have already been immensely popular with a range of discerning buyers, thanks to the thoughtful and unique aspects of the design - which have been curated to promote resident wellbeing. 


Melbourne Square Sales and Marketing Director, Scott Jesson explained that the collection of apartments are the first in Victoria to incorporate the wellness technology, which works passively to make the indoor spaces healthier. 

“Since the launch in 2017, it is incredibly satisfying to see Melbourne Square occupy its place on the Melbourne skyline,” says Scott. 

“Precincts like Melbourne Square can play a role in the health of our communities, providing connection opportunities and important amenity. Buildings are also a critical tool in health and wellbeing, as Delos’ 10 years of scientific research has found.” 

“To be able to offer apartments fitted with science-backed technology that improves the internal environment is a game-changer that fits with our vision to create an integrated wellness precinct here,” he continues. 


New apartments at Melbourne Square feature high-end HEPA air filtration systems that detect and remove impurities like pollen, dust and smoke, water purifiers that reduce levels of chlorine, heavy metals and particulates, and smart lighting that helps maintain a balanced circadian rhythm. 

Carr’s Managing Director, Chris McCue said the interiors encouraged personalisation while allowing the precinct’s 360-degree views to take centre stage. “When we design for luxury we think beyond a floor plan or materials palette and use the interiors to create mood and emotion. These spaces elicit a feeling of calm and escape atop the city below,” said Chris. 

Last year, Melbourne Square opened Victoria’s first double-storey Woolworths supermarket at the precinct, and a vibrant mix of bespoke retailers will also be opening from February. A new 87-place childcare centre will also be opening at the project as stage one of the landmark $2.8b development is finalised in Q1 2021. 

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