From Blueprint to Built Form: The Creative Collaborations of Developer, Designer & Architect

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7 months ago
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In the realm of contemporary design and urban development, the successful collaboration between developers, architects, and designers is paramount in transforming living spaces into innovative yet functional works of art. So, how do these collaborations materialise?

We talked to developers in both Melbourne and the Gold Coast to dig deeper into their design success stories.

Whether delivering an apartment building in Melbourne’s inner-city suburb of Malvern or a multi-unit residential development in the Gold Coast’s Mermaid Beach, the approach to design for two renowned property developers local to each area is similar: build a trusted team who shares similar values and is intimate with design possibilities and constraints dictated by the building’s geographical location.

Such an approach is evident in Plant Street by Melbourne-based developer Milieu and Laani Mermaid Beach by Gold Coast-based developer Dankav.

Plant Street is an urban sanctuary in Melbourne’s coveted suburb of Malvern. Click here to learn more.

Plant Street is an apartment building in the leafy, sought-after suburb of Malvern comprising 21 residences. Together with Penfold – an award-winning industry leader in landscape design and construction – Milieu assembled a team of exceptional talent who shares its values and complements its approach to design to deliver this stunning apartment development in Plant Street. Award-winning architects RITZ&GHOUGASSIAN, small yet dexterous interior design practice Georgina Jeffries, and esteemed landscape architects Acre round out this team.

“As with all our projects, the approach to design starts with an ensemble who can understand a
project’s context and respond to it,” said Milieu director and head of development Shannon Peach.

“It’s part curatorial process and part innovative exploration.

“The partnership with Penfold was born out of friendship, mutual respect for development as a
creative act, and an appreciation for Malvern – a prized Melbourne location that fosters
wellbeing and enables a well-lived life.

Enter into warm, inviting, light-filled spaces at Plant Street. Click here to learn more.

“While Plant Street represents a new locale for our projects, our approach remains the same.

“We’re curating a building that sits comfortably within its setting, using enduring materials like concrete and brick that will age gracefully.”

Having successfully delivered a variety of innovative, sustainable, and architecturally arresting projects across Melbourne’s inner north, Milieu’s Plant Street is no exception, showcasing an inviting and elegant facade enveloped by greenery.

Further up the eastern seaboard on the idyllic shores of the Gold Coast is Dankav’s Laani Mermaid Beach – a 48-apartment beachside building devised by some of the industry’s most innovative creators including award-winning BDA Architecture and Form Landscape Architects.

Dean Muldoon of LJ Hooker Broadbeach believes in the power of relationships and credits Laani’s design success to a long association between developer and architect.

A whole floor of resort-style amenities makes up Laani’s stunning architectural design. Click here to learn more.

“The enduring alliance between developer Daniel Veitch of Dankav and architect Darren Greenaway and his design team at BDA stands as a testament to the power of collaboration,” said Dean.

“Rooted in a longstanding relationship forged over time, the duo thrives on a foundation of mutual trust and profound respect.”

This shared trust and respect shines through in Laani - a building that reflects purpose and functionality with an aesthetic finesse.

“Harmonising the pulsating energy of Broadbeach with the laid-back coastal charm of Mermaid Beach, Dankav and BDA created a living space that mirrors the dynamic spirit of this coastal paradise,” Dean explained.

“Beyond architectural excellence, Laani is a celebration of life, where urban vibrancy meets the serenity of the sea, forging an enduring connection with those who call it home.”

Laani Mermaid Beach comprises stylish interiors with premium fixtures and fittings. Click here to learn more.

With a shared commitment and a profound understanding of one another's strengths, these teams have laid the groundwork for design excellence.

The result? Two different developments that both reflect enduring quality, lifelong liveability, and clever design.

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Header image of Plant Street.