Highpark Seasons — specifically designed to mirror uniquely beautiful surrounds

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4 years ago
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Set amongst stunning sanctuary parkland and overlooking botanical Gardiners Creek, Highpark Seasons seamlessly encompasses its wonderful surrounds while delivering luxury apartments and terrace homes. 

Expertly designed by Rothelowman, this outstanding project flows in harmony with your life as the ever-fluctuating environment changes around you. 

The fluidity and flexibility of the façade and interiors allow for a new depth of connection to the leafy natural surrounds, creating a fresh and inspired way of living. 


“The site proved a major inspiration behind the design of Highpark Seasons,” says Chris Hayton, Principal at Rothelowman. 

“It’s a unique plot of land — an island site surrounded by open parkland, large trees and attractive Gardiners Creek. It was a big aspect of our build to create something that mirrored this context.”

Situated in the leafy inner-suburb of Glen Iris, Highpark Seasons also takes its inspiration from Melbourne’s renowned classical music scene. 


“We were interested in producing a building that picked up on the rhythms, patterns and harmonies that you find in music,” adds Mr Hayton. 

“We began composing the glass façade and we shifted its pattern and colour to reflect the flows you see in music. Not only that, we wanted to design the exterior in such a way that it seamlessly reflects the way the landscape changes during the seasons. 


“This combination of architectural treatment is what really makes Highpark Seasons stand out. At Rothelowman, we are always contextual with our work and we believe that this is one of those buildings that really echoes its environment well and will be a strong piece of architecture for years to come.”

Each 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartment and terrace home is expertly designed to bring the outdoors in. Discover expansive glazing, generous private terraces and a modern layout. 


“The way that the building is set back from the creek gave us the opportunity to create some very expansive terraces, and we wanted to ensure the interiors were connected to the exteriors in as fluid a way as possible.

“For example, we opened up corners with large windows and created specifically orientated living spaces so that when you walk into the apartments, you can immediately see these wonderful views.”


These fine details are what makes the interior spaces at Highpark Seasons so special. Each room is carefully, meticulously and individually designed to make the best of its location.

“Very often there’s a default position where people go ‘let’s just provide as bigger a window as possible’.

“But it’s not always about the biggest view. It’s about where you can place the window and what you can see out of it. It can be a lot more successful to use a smaller piece of glass to frame a particular aspect in a specific position.”


Occupiers will also revel in a residents’ lounge and central courtyard for a moment of peace and quiet, or for friendly and communal gatherings. 

Creating a sense of community within Highpark Seasons is something Rothelowman holds in high regard, and this commitment can be wonderfully witnessed in the make-up of these luxurious spaces. 


“You can’t just create some green space and expect people to go there. It’s about providing a scene that’s appropriate, one that doesn’t feel as if you are overlooked by your neighbours, one that feels comfortable, and one that withholds smaller areas to accommodate four or five groups. 

“We have looked into statistics collected by some built-to-rent properties and found that if a tenant has three or four friends in the development, their tenure increases by 50 per cent. 


“So we want each resident at Highpark Seasons to be able to find four of five friends, so every Friday night they can sit down and catch up over a bottle of wine. 

“This ritual will increase the enjoyment of the building and create a lifestyle where you can feel really comfortable for years to come.” 

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