Innovative green Richmond development caters to increased demand for sustainable residences

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1 year ago
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Buyer demand for sustainable residential projects is at an all-time high, according to Marshall White Projects. The leading project marketer claims that buyers, particularly those in Greens-held seats in inner Melbourne, are putting pressure on developers to deliver sustainable, future-proofed housing.

“They’re concerned about the environment, but they’re also feeling the pinch of the rising cost-of-living, and it’s widely accepted that sustainable housing provides a path to ease that pressure,” said Leonard Teplin, Director of Marshall White Projects.

To cater to this demand, family developer CADRE has released an innovative green development in Richmond, MATTONE. Seeking to redefine the concept of sustainable living, each of the ten residences could help reduce a family’s carbon emissions to a level equivalent to planting approximately 1,500 trees a year.

MATTONE includes all the necessary green features of tomorrow for future-proofed living. Click here to learn more.

Teplin also stated that environmentally conscious young families and second-home buyers primarily drive the push for sustainable residences.

“The buyers we’re seeing now are really savvy,” said Mr Teplin. “They know their stuff when it comes to sustainability, and they won’t buy into the bare minimum.”

Thus, a combination of best-in-class sustainability inclusions has been made at MATTONE, with a key focus on improving the thermal performance of the building’s exterior to reduce energy demand on heating and cooling. The design also includes electric vehicle charging and solar panels to capture the north-facing sun.

Crucially, the sustainability inclusions at MATTONE could allow purchasers to unlock alternative funding offers such as Green Loans, which will reward buyers with a lower standard variable rate.

A further look into MATTONE’s sustainability inclusions. Click here to learn more.

Christopher Tyas, Founding Director of CADRE, believes the project will continue CADRE’s legacy of creating future-proof buildings that do not harm the planet while benefiting occupants.

“We don’t want to just greenwash a development - we want to set the standard that all developers should follow,” he said.

“We are always striving to do better, not just for the development but the purchasers and the environment - the triple bottom line. This approach has been applied to our entire portfolio across residential, commercial, and industrial properties.”

Research commissioned by CADRE reveals that the energy cost for heating and cooling MATTONE could be 500 per cent lower than a typical Victorian terrace. This means the average resident could save hundreds of dollars annually in heating and cooling alone. Here, each home will provide some protection from current and future cost-of-living pressures.

Enjoy unrivalled city views from MATTONE’s private rooftop and verdant terraces. Click here to learn more.

“It’s no secret that consumers are facing major cost-of-living pressures at present,” Mr Tyas continued. “We think the ability to buy a property that effectively nullifies heating and cooling bills, provides renewable solar power, and features energy-efficient appliances, lighting, and hot water, will resonate strongly with buyers looking to minimise their future costs.

“MATTONE’s location within one of Melbourne’s most tightly held and sought-after enclaves adds another string to its bow. Its location within Richmond aligns with the Victorian government’s ‘Plan Melbourne’ strategy of creating ‘20-minute neighbourhoods,’ which recognises the need for changes to the way we live in suburbs, where residents can access anything from parks to restaurants to retail and education within 20-minute return walk.”

Come home to elevated living and dining areas at MATTONE. Click here to learn more.

Designed by MAArchitects, MATTONE seamlessly fits in with the fabric of Richmond. A refined brick facade pays homage to the area’s industrial heritage, while large and deep-set windows and operable timber battens overlook its verdant landscapes designed by Florian Wild.

CADRE has appointed long-standing partner Tycorp Construction to deliver the residences. With construction starting soon, this is an unmissable opportunity to secure one of these homes for the future.

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