Introducing YarraBend’s The Hub, a new way to balance work and life

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5 years ago
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Australia has the highest number of co-working spaces per capita than anywhere else in the world. Driven predominantly by the tech sector and an increase in entrepreneurship, people are becoming more comfortable with the idea of a third kind of workspace, somewhere that is neither work nor home.

However, time is a commodity these days, and when you spend an hour on public transport to get to and from your chosen working space, you start sacrificing other important parts of your lifestyle, like exercising or seeing friends.


Imagine being able to walk to a co-working space from your home, or having the luxury of being able to pop back home between meetings to retrieve a forgotten item within minutes. The idea of having a third workspace within a short walk of your home is a dream come true. This is why Glenvill has incorporated an exclusive recreational building which includes dedicated co-working spaces in their YarraBend development.

Expected to be the World’s Most Liveable Suburb by 2025 according to trend forecasters, YarraBend sets a new benchmark for design and urban livability. The residences are visually striking, there is an abundance of green space, for residents who work flexible hours,  there is access to The Hub.


Designed by Techné Architecture + Interior Design, The Hub features natural materials, set alongside accents of raw, exposed concrete, paying tribute to the site’s industrial heritage as a working paper mill.

Spanning over one floor within the building, the WorkLab contains a meeting room, bookable via the YarraBend resident App, while the coworking desks come with all the relevant tech gadgetry.  Communal tables, lounges and booths offer a range of inspiring settings to boost productivity and encourage collaboration.


The Hub is a testimony to YarraBend’s entertainment offering and is as much about work as it is play.  Use the recreational spaces to recharge, enjoy a round of billiards in the games room or reserve a time on the rooftop terrace, complete with barbecue facilities, a fire pit and glass-encased indoor cinema. The premium entertainment facilities are readily available for residents seeking to host friends or entertain large groups.

On those nights where you have to work late, head over to the on-site Artisan Precinct. Curated by restaurateur Scott Pickett, you will find a variety of gourmet food options backed up by the amazing restaurants and cafes that pepper the streets of Alphington.


And, when or if you do have to travel for work, you will find YarraBend is conveniently connected to the Chandler Highway, a bus route running along Heidelberg Road, and is only a short walk away from Alphington Station. For those who love cycling, there are many bike trails throughout YarraBend park which weave alongside the picturesque Yarra River and connect residents to the city, a short 6.5km away.

Founded on six visionary pillars including health and wellness, technology, food and entertainment, sustainability, art and design, and knowledge, YarraBend will completely transform the way we live, work and play.

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