Moving from a survival mindset to a growth mentality

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3 years ago
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Covid-19 is having a profound and challenging effect on the real estate sector, but since the beginning of the pandemic in March, the Eton Property Group’s property management team has expanded their Melbourne footprint by more than 200 per cent.

This demonstrates the power of effective property management, and shows the positive possibilities when clients' needs are put at the forefront of the business model. 

“From the very outset, we were determined to do more than merely adapt to the virus,” says Daniel Caspar, Director of Eton Property Group. “Once we were all on board, we went from a survival mindset to a growth mentality.”

The initial months were by far the most confronting for the company with property management staff sorting through all the information and misinformation in order to provide clear direction to landlords and tenants.

Caspar credits the rent roll increase to a highly skilled and experienced team, exceptional marketing communication to all parties, strong levels of service, and strategic alignment towards digitising processes and services for tenants and landlords. Further, the company’s ongoing offer of three months of free property management for new landlords has been a success.

Covering the whole of the Melbourne metropolitan region in a job that thrives on human interaction, the Eton team continues to be tested every day by a highly transmissible virus. Led by Jennelle Marden, the property management staff have not only attracted new customers, but also deepened relationships with existing landlords and tenants.

“Jennelle has more than 20 years of experience in residential real estate with a proven ability to strategically navigate through challenging markets. At all times, her leadership remains focused and transparent,” Caspar says. “We’ve always come from the position that good property management doesn’t cost, it pays.”

The property and development sector is working to manage the realities of the lockdown restrictions in Victoria, with industry leaders calling for the sector to be re-opened in order to stimulate and re-boot the Victorian economy. The building, construction and development industry will be able to open up at around 85% from the end of September, welcome good news for the industry and the Victorian economy, offering hope that Victorian’s will continue to see the easing of restrictions in weeks to come.

The continued success for Eton Property Group’s property management team provides hope for the industry, highlighting that better times lay ahead. 

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