Thirdi Group's innovative plans for smart home automation

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5 years ago
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When you hear ‘smart home automation’ you might think of Google’s Alexa or Amazon’s Echo. You might think it means better security for your home, streamlining processes like turning on your lights and controlling the room temperature. If you’re looking forward to a more automated lifestyle, developers are now building residences with in-built smart home automation.

One such developer is Thirdi Group, a successful property development and investment company in Sydney. It always has its proverbial finger on the pulse, and as a result of the growing demand for high-tech homes, it has released new off the plan apartment projects with special smart home automation.

The Torrens-Titled townhouses comprising The Gentry in Alexandria will be equipped with the Environexus home automation ecosystem, in conjunction with Google home and Tesla Powerwalls. Here, you can control everything from energy consumption and lighting to air conditioning and security at the touch of either your personal mobile or the iPad which comes with the home.


The developer has taken this luxury inclusion one step further in its timeless inner-city development, Paragon of Pyrmont. Designed by renowned architects SJB, each residence features the smart home automation and Tesla Powerwalls found in The Gentry in a luxury open plan layout with rooftop terraces and barbecue facilities.

Luke Berry, Director of Sales and Marketing at Thirdi Group paints us a picture of what life could be like when you live here. 

“Imagine this. You drive up your street and your home recognises your car is arriving, so it automatically opens the garage door, turns the light on and sends your private lift to meet you.


“You plug your car into the wall to recharge for tomorrow, all using ‘off-peak’ power that your TESLA Powerwall secured for you while you were sleeping.

“The home automation system has researched the day’s weather (a hot one, 36 degrees) so earlier in the day, it arranged for your blinds to be lowered and scheduled the aircon to turn on at 1 pm. By the time you walk through the door, your home is a comfortable 21 degrees.


“As you enter your living room, you ask Paragon’s voice-activated home automation to turn on your TV and load the best recipes for lamb chops. You have guests arriving later in the evening.

“Your home automation finds a recipe and you ask it to send the list of ingredients directly to your Woolworths online account, to be delivered in time to cook on your private rooftop barbecue.”


It’s hard to believe you can live such a streamlined digital lifestyle as Luke describes, right?

“I know, but that’s the reality of the smart home automation we have planned for Paragon of Pyrmont,” Luke laughs. “And I’m bursting with the excitement of being part of its creation.”