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7 years ago
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There are many ways you can search and buy apartments. But, like most purchases, it makes sense to deal with the experts who can share their specialised insights.
That’s why is the best way to find your ideal apartment…
Developer Profiles
Learn all about the developer before you enquire. Our comprehensive developer profiles give you a great  insight into the reputation of every developer who appears on our site. You can learn all about their previous projects and partnerships, giving you a clear idea as to their quality and reputation of their work. 
Whether you’re buying as an investment or as an owner-occupier, it’s a big purchase, so it makes sense to know who will be developing and building your apartment.
Location insights
Our Suburb profiles get down to the nitty gritty of every suburb listed on our site. Learn about your potential new neighbourhood with our profiles including a general residential snapshot of who lives there, and an overview of the suburb’s culture and vibe so you can find the location that offers the kind of lifestyle you’re looking for. 
There’s also a rough guide to the cost of buying and renting an apartment in each suburb to help you compare between them and understand where your money might go further.
Simple to search
There’s a reason our homepage is dominated by that simple search field – we’re all about making it easier for you to find the apartments you want in the area you’re interested in. One search gives you all the apartment developments in the suburbs you’re interested in – no need to search through individual developer websites.
Sign up with us and registration details and information about every one of your enquiries will be sent directly to your inbox. The relevant developers will be in touch with you without us getting in the way. And because we’re not agents, we don’t charge you a cent for any of this.
If you opt in for them, we’ll also send you relevant SMS alerts about upcoming developments, so you’ll never miss a new release ever again.
The latest developments
Thanks to our industry connections, we hear about many of our listed developments long before other channels do. That means you might just get the head start you need on rival buyers. No need to sign up for multiple alerts on multiple websites, just one free signup to us and you’ll hear about every new development as soon as we do.
Tips and advice
As well as seeing every apartment development worth hearing about, we also have heaps of articles about the apartment market and apartments in general. From interior design tips to architectural trends to the latest gossip (relevant, of course) on celebrity apartment sales, signing up with us gives you a direct line to the best of apartment living.
You’ll also continue to receive our tips, advice and featured development articles in our regular emails.
So, if you’re looking to buy an off the plan apartment, buying through gives you access to the search tools, industry insights and content driven by our passion for apartment living. We strive to make the experience a whole lot easier.