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Elenberg Fraser is an expert in multi-residential architecture and interior design.

Elenberg Fraser is an expert in multi-residential architecture and interior design. We are currently delivering around 10% of the apartments under construction in Melbourne. This expertise has been recognised through industry awards for projects such as A’Beckett Tower (2011 AIA Victoria Best Overend Award for Multi-Residential Architecture) and 401 St Kilda Road(2010 AIA Victoria Award for Multiple Housing).

Our track record in delivering residential projects that are both design-driven and market-driven stems from our ability to create solutions that address not only the financial constraints of the speculative property market and developers but also the requirements of the end user and occupant – the hidden client of residential architecture. Elenberg Fraser residential projects have demonstrated their potential to improve returns and work within strict floorplan and cost considerations, but also provide truly inhabitable environments that excite and engage their owners and tenants. We create flexible spaces that can be adapted to a range needs, with practical yet individual approaches to interior design and generous communal spaces.

Elenberg Fraser is not your average architecture firm. We design luxury resorts, distinctive hotels and sensory restaurants from our regional hubs in Melbourne, Sydney and Hanoi. We are known for creating experiential architecture and interior design, and our research and projects have given us applied knowledge of current trends in hospitality design and new tourism models.

We build projects that are both design and market driven, and our architecture is informed by the site, location, client and brief, rather than a house style. We understand that today’s businesses operate in an experience economy.

When designing hospitality environments we view the world through the visitor’s eyes, examining the crucial moments of their experience to create sensory relationships beyond just the visual - how do your surroundings make you feel? Our hospitality spaces are memorable, both evocative and provocative.

Elenberg Fraser creates experiential interiors that you feel, rather than simply see. We design these spaces with careful consideration of the unique requirements of diverse groups of users and occupants; we use qualitative and quantitative research to inform our solutions. Our interior designs are inspired by a broad range of influences that reflect our diverse interests and passions. Step inside our projects and be taken on a journey through art and science, popular culture, the natural world and historic events.

We have designed interior architecture for commercial, residential, hospitality and tourism sectors, but our approach to ensuring comfort, flexibility and sensory delight remains constant. Our interiors use considered and sometimes unexpected textures, finishes and furnishings, many of them custom-made, to bring our designs to life and to make spaces for living. We are frequently engaged to design a building’s exterior and interior architecture, which allows us to blur the lines between inside and outside by integrating the surrounding environment into interior spaces.

Elenberg Fraser understands that commercial buildings need to differentiate through design, while meeting financial objectives. We bring our unique combination of design-driven architecture, experience working within economic and market constraints and sustainability expertise to create distinctive commercial buildings that add value through their strong identities and relationships to the city. Our buildings are flexible and allow for diverse configurations and interior fitouts to attract premium tenants, leading to increased yields.

We have worked across a range of commercial projects including single tenanted office buildings, strata offices, mixed-use buildings, heritage refurbishment and towers. We are proud of our long-standing relationships with developers, consultants and financiers. Our track record across building typologies demonstrates our capabilities in building as brand – from McLean Delmo, Lilli, A’Beckett and Site One – our designs have enlivened precincts, stimulated local economies and respond directly to their environmental contexts.

For Elenberg Fraser, cities are the working ground of architecture – we build in the city as if it is was our own. We undertake masterplanning through both our architectural work as well at a precinct level in the city fringe and surrounds – applying our knowledge of dense, urban environments to new developments.

Architecture needs to engage and respond with and to its environment; it needs to build in and with the city to unleash its potential. From our appreciation of ancient cities, we know that architecture is more than just buildings; it is the spaces in between. We apply our knowledge and experience in how to make active and engaging urban spaces to our precinct-scale and greenfield masterplanning. Our research and understanding of issues of densification, demarcation between private and public space, access, amenity and social, economic and environmental sustainability are what inform our masterplanning solutions. We wish to create places that are diverse rather than monolithic, which offer a balance between private space and public interaction and provide opportunities for healthy and safe communities to flourish.

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