Iris Capital

Iris is a fully integrated development and hospitality group, driven by a passion for creating places people love.

We believe in recognising potential, and building successful businesses that integrate the best parts of hospitality and community development into a seamless, profitable, vertical business model.

Dynamic energy infuses everything we do: whether it’s creating a new entertainment destination, a winery experience, or rejuvenating an entire city centre.

Since 1995, Iris has successfully established a renowned portfolio in the development and hospitality industries. Diverse and rapidly expanding in all sectors, 2022/23 will see the group achieve unprecedented goals including the accumulation of over 3,000 luxury apartments, three fully operational vineyards, 53 thriving venues/hotels and two Casinos.

We realise opportunity comes from the relationships and communities we create. So, we’ll never forget that real people and places are the foundation of our success.

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