A designer development - Arc House brings timeless architecture to Glen Iris

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2 years ago
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Arches have been a recurring architectural element throughout most of history. From the ancient Greeks to the Roman Empire and across the seas, arches have stood the test of time in both design and construction. 

True to its historical inspiration, Arc House in Glen Iris combines innovative architecture, interiors and urban design to create a collection of homes that will stand the test of time. 


Timeless design by DKO Architecture


The industry-renowned team at DKO has made a name for themselves, focusing on high-end, human-centric designs that maximise each site’s potential, and Arc House is no different. 

Inspired by Glen Iris’ Edwardian arched entrances, Arc House is instantly recognisable by its shapely collection of curves, archways and generous use of glazing. 


Arc House’s design philosophy is guided by a commitment to adding value to Glen Iris’ architectural language and community. The development embodies an aesthetic timelessness, offering only 13 boutique homes that will raise the benchmark in lifestyle. Visually, the structure tiptoes the line between classic and contemporary to create a memorable arrival experience. Coming home to Arc House is defined by a grand statement of luxury and sophistication. The lobby is palatial and sculptural, offering a warm and inviting transitional area. 

The homes present a balance between opulence and restraint for a distinct air of grandeur. 

The curvilinear forms of the facade inspire the interior design; sinuous contours add visual intrigue and an expansive sense of space and continue the unique design elements introduced outside. The living spaces are open-plan and awash in an abundance of natural light thanks to the generous use of glazing. In addition, DKO has selected a premium material palette that will enhance the day-to-day living experience - inviting you to touch, feel and interact with the built space. 

A selection of high-end fittings and fixtures balance form and functionality to create homes you won’t want to leave. These include stone island solid surfaces, wall-mounted European Miele ovens, large format porcelain tiles and gorgeous timber flooring underfoot. 


A sense of belonging


Arc House recognises that community connection is a crucial ingredient for apartment living. Outside, the industry-acclaimed John Patrick landscape architects have created luscious gardens that enhance feelings of belonging and foster a sense of community within the development. 

The open-air green spaces are anchored by a protected 30-metre tall spotted gum which is as magnificent as the development itself - its preservation within Arc House grounds will ensure the majestic tree continues to thrive. 

The verdant gardens complement the fluid lines of the building and introduce layers of textural foliage to subtly engineer privacy throughout. Greenery mingles with the facade to balance natural and manmade elements. The thoughtful selection of evergreen and deciduous plantings provide dynamic textural and visual intrigue throughout the year while adding to Arc House’s sense of seclusion. 

If you’re looking to add luxury to your every day, enquire about Arc House today.