A quiet and peaceful lifestyle, just minutes from Brighton’s cultural hub - Awaken to a new life by the bay.

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3 years ago
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Picturesque and vibrant, yet quaint and secluded - Awaken represents the perfect combination of location, design and price within the wider Brighton market. The sought-after location focuses on the ideals of home, lifestyle, rejuvenation and family - celebrating the perfect little moments in life.


Elegantly tucked away on the laneway-style, bluestone edged Rooding Street, residents can enjoy a quiet peaceful lifestyle just minutes away from the vibrancy of Bay Street and Martin Street. Inspired by the arching canopy of Gleditsia trees outside, each Awaken home is carefully designed to promote a connection to nature. 

Created by celebrated Melbourne architects Travis Walton, landscape architect Acre and eminent bayside developer Skelton, Awaken residences offer a quaint suburban lifestyle without compromising on Bayside’s famous culture. 

"The tranquility of the laneway-style street required an equally tranquil garden setting to each residence. The selection of each material, room orientation and landscaped outlook has been considered down to the finest detail."

Michael Skelton, Skelton



In addition to the luxurious interiors and private gardens, Awaken homes also offer a rich bayside lifestyle bookended by days by the water. Start your day just right by taking in the spectacular marina views and crisp ocean air before making your way to a morning latte at one of the many coffee spots along Martin Street. If you’re after a relaxing brunch, you can’t go past St. Martin’s. 

With an abundance of scrumptious eateries to try, why not treat yourself to a long lunch? A must-do in Brighton is the casual yet sophisticated Half Moon serving comfort food done right. We also recommend Middle Brighton Baths - with panoramic views of the bay and city skyline, the Baths certainly has one of the best dining views in Melbourne. Only 260m from your Awaken home, The Hotel Brighton has the perfect north facing outdoor dining hall, perfect for lapping up the sunshine over lunch. 


If you’re looking to improve your game, Bayside’s Dendy Park has all your sports needs covered including tennis, cricket, soccer, athletics and indoor lawn bowls. The Royal Brighton Yacht Club welcomes both new and experienced sailors of all ages, while Brighton Baths Health Club is the epitome of wellbeing by the bay. The club harbours an extensive range of activities; indoors, outdoors, on the sand and in the water. With these, and many more amenities located so close to home, incorporating fitness into your daily routine will be effortless.

Image credit: Lauren Bamford


Evenings are relaxed at Brighton and are best spent watching the sunset over the bay. If you’re not in the mood for quiet contemplations by the beach, take the kids to explore Bayside’s natural wonders. With its rock pools close to the shore, Ricketts Point is the perfect place to discover the wonders of Victoria’s marine life. 

Life at Awaken is truly about the perfect moments that enrich the soul. Brighton certainly runs at a comfortable breezy pace compared to the rest of Melbourne, follow the journey on Instagram @awaken_brighton or if you would like to awaken to a new life by the bay, click here.