An expression of enduring elegance - Lisa Ellis creates a beautifully landscaped retreat for Soligo residents.

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3 years ago
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Inspired by the rich landscape and natural wonder of the famous Soligo river in Northern Italy, these 2 and 3 bedroom apartments are imbued with a sense of European sophistication and enhanced with impeccable landscaping. Idyllically located in Balwyn, growing families at Soligo will be pleased to find a luxurious retreat at home and a host of esteemed education options nearby; including Balwyn High School, Camberwell Grammar School and Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College. 


The meticulously composed facade marries symmetrical forms with linear proportions and a strong articulation, resulting in a sense of grandiosity within its place on Whitehorse Road. 

Paul Conrad speaks of the architecture, “the facade for this building incorporates strong vertical proportions similar to many classical buildings that you would see in Rome or London. Our use of travertine was about bringing solidity and presence, and therefore will have a timeless quality.” From first impressions, it’s clear Soligo is designed to stand the test of time both physically and aesthetically. 

High end landscaping firm, Lisa Ellis Gardens’ lush designs balance this strong articulation of the facade, adding softness and natural depth through a carefully curated selection of foliage. “The best gardens are those that move you in some way and that’s certainly something we’ve considered when we designed the gardens at Soligo,” Lisa explains. 

Lisa continues, “the planting palette has been carefully curated to ensure year round structure and also seasonal interest. So we’ve used maples, birches and ornamental pears in different areas to create different stories - it’s not so much about the hedging but using really great structural plants along with more whimsical softer plants for really beautiful, exciting combinations.”

“We’ve used white wisteria that’s going to be trained up and over a pergola structure - I can imagine sitting up there with a gin and tonic, watching the sun set in summer. I think it would be heaven.”

Lisa Ellis, Lisa Ellis Gardens 


Lisa Ellis’ landscaping imbues each Soligo apartment with a wonderful sense of tranquility - offering its residents reprieve and retreat within their homes. Sublime green sanctuaries are presented through lush courtyards and immaculately landscaped terraces, while cascading vegetation softens the facade - offering a verdant aesthetic both internally and internally. 

Select terraces boast stunning pergolas or optimal shade, while ground floor apartments utilise beautiful integrated trees to create a stunning backdrop for the interiors. 2 bedroom apartments - featuring double car parking - are priced from $749,000. 

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