At one with nature - Walmer offers a very different kind of luxury living.

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2 years ago
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There are a few things in this world more relaxing and serene than reconnecting with nature. Natural melodies, fresh air and picturesque views have a rejuvenating effect on most people. Studies have shown that living closer to nature carries a host of benefits including improved mental health and wellbeing, better social engagement and an increase in physical activities. 

Idyllically located amongst the banks of the Yarra River - yet within close proximity to urban amenities - Walmer Residences is taking shape to offer the ultimate in prestige living within quintessential Australian surrounds. 


Walmer’s architectural vision is a natural extension of its beautiful surroundings with every aspect meticulously calculated to maximise light, air and nature. The Salta Properties’ landmark development on one of the last remaining development sites along the scenic river offers elegantly appointed apartments. On offer is an exclusive lifestyle where contemporary, urban life seamlessly connects with the natural surrounds - where a deeper connection to nature is complemented by the convenience of modern amenities.

“This particular site is magic in terms of its connection to this embankment, this escapement of gumtrees and the river - so there is an incredible, intrinsic Australian quality to it. It really is rare.”

Tim Leslie, Bates Smart

The Yarra trail is home to a wonderful selection of native fauna and flora - which Taylor Cullity Lethlean Landscape Architects have carefully mirrored within Walmer. Hand-selected native flora blends into the development to offer a truly immersive arrival experience. Together with the smell of wattle and the harmonious birdsongs - these homes are ideal for those of us wanting to escape to nature and explore natural wonders without straying too far from home. 


Life on the river can be much more than expected. The Yarra Trail offers a truly one of a kind setting; overflowing with nature yet in close proximity to all the vibrancy and culture of Melbourne City, Hawthorn, Kew, Richmond and Abbotsford. Just a few minutes from Walmer, residents will find a range or urban amenities to stay active and connected. 

The Yarra Bend Golf course invites golfers of all ages to get active and enjoy the courses defined by relaxed ambiance and stunning botanic views. Kitty Burns is Abbotsford’s latest cafe sensation - with an inventive menu and some of the best coffee in Melbourne, this cafe is a must for anyone around the area. Similarly, the Abbotsford Convent and Boathouse & Tea Garden injects a quaint heritage charm to the locale - encouraging a slower, more relaxed pace of life. 


The Walmer apartments draw the lush, natural beauty of the surroundings through its building structure with the use of architecturally designed, wrapped balconies. Generous outdoor terraces and balconies give way to impeccably framed views of the riverside setting - many of these balconies rival standard backyards by offering up to 200sqm of usable outdoor space. These generous outdoor areas make the most of Walmer’s idyllic location, drawing the vista inside to complement spacious interiors. The sense of generosity and vastness is followed through to the apartments’ interiors with 2.8m ceilings and full height glazing.

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