Beachside sustainability at Edithvale Place

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The solar-powered townhomes at Edithvale Place offer an idyllic family lifestyle that is rare to come by. Located 200 metres from the beach, each home boasts water views from rooftop terraces, a 6.5 NatHERS energy rating, and a 10-year building warranty. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Sustainable integrations to ensure longevity

Edithvale Place boasts a 6.5 NatHERS energy rating. Click here to enquire.

Each of the townhouses at Edithvale Place is solar-powered, with a solar-powered heat pump system and 3kW solar panel systems integrated into the project. The 3kW solar panel system will cover a large portion of all household necessities, including lights, fans, refrigerators, microwaves, toasters, and television. Live with peace of mind that you are doing your part for the planet. These kinds of sustainable integrations have been integral in the design of Edithvale Place, as this is a project intended to last for many years to come.

Longevity is core to the design ethos at Edithvale Place. In addition to the solar-powered nature of each home, a sense of timelessness is evoked in interior selections and appointments. Each of the townhomes features stone benchtops, engineered timber flooring, warm timber veneers, matt black hardware, and high-quality appliances.

Live in beachside bliss

Edithvale Place is located 200 metres from the beach. Click here to enquire.

Each of the homes at Edithvale Place is 200 metres from the beach. For those that value the serenity of nature and enjoy spending time outdoors, Edithvale Place is the ideal choice to make a home for your family. Simply walk a couple of minutes from your front door to enjoy the pure bliss of the sun and sand. Having the beach so close by is convenient for kids and adults alike, providing endless entertainment and joyful moments that will make beautiful family memories.

The homes at Edithvale Place also feature generous private outdoor spaces which connect to large indoor ground-floor living areas. No matter the weather, you will have ample space to entertain, exercise, play, and enjoy time together as a family.

Coastal architecture reflective of Edithvale’s iconic summers

Each home at Edithvale Place comes with a 10-year building warranty. Click here to enquire.

Edithvale has been enjoyed by Melbournians as an iconic beach destination since the early 1900s. The pure white sand has been a go-to for a dip in the calm blue waters, as well as fishing and camping grounds.

Edithvale Place boasts exquisite coastal architecture that works in tandem with the natural elements. Architects ClarkeHopkinsClarke have integrated robust materials that provide protection and reduce the need for ongoing maintenance. Windows have been strategically positioned to frame sightlines to the landscape, whilst forms integrated within the project echo the image of white sails against the blue sky above the calm Edithvale waters.

The architecture at Edithvale Place seamlessly evokes the history of Edithvale as a relaxed seaside getaway whilst also focusing on the future of the location and the families living in each home.

Don’t miss this chance to live in beachside bliss with your family at Edithvale Place.

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