Choosing where to buy an apartment

Market Insights
7 years ago
3 minutes
Whether you’re buying to live or buying to rent, choosing where to buy an apartment is a big decision. You can make it easier by making a list of what’s important to you. If you don’t have the following on that list, take note.


This is an obvious one, but we’ve heard tales of people buying apartments off-the-plan in outer suburbs, only to find they’re a drive away from even basic grocery shopping.
Make sure you have the basics covered so you can grab a few things on the way home. Apartment living is generally a stress-free, low maintenance heaven, so don’t go spoiling it by dropping yourself a long walk from basic conveniences.


Food & Drink

The perceived lifestyle that we attach to the purchase of a home has never been more important. We really do want it all these days, and we want it on our doorstep. 
If your future includes a choice of cool breakfast spots, handy cafes for lunch and a varied selection of bars and eateries for dinner, then be sure to do your research. Get out there, walk the main streets around areas you’re researching and get amongst the vibe.


Whilst you may have a car and drive everywhere, it’s always handy to have convenient public transport on your doorstep. Not only for those times when you feel like having a drink or two, but also if you’re a two-person, one-car household. Park and ride options can be a viable alternative.
With more and more people choosing inner suburb living, leaving the car at home and walking, cycling or catching PT to work is on the increase.


If you don’t have children yourself and are buying an apartment as an investment property, this is an easy one to forget.
Let’s say a single child family is typically looking for a two bedroom apartment. They may give yours a miss if there’s no school within easy walking distance or a short drive. Whilst this is not a deal breaker, it all adds up to the desirability of your apartment.


It makes sense to choose a location that speaks to who you are. Every suburb has its own character that its residents love. Finding a suburb that makes you feel at home can make all the difference to your well being. Trends come and go, with suburbs vying in the popularity reports. But you’re really making a decision based on what feels right for you.

Live or rent, same rules apply

If you’re buying as an investment, an apartment in an area that appeals to you will appeal to renters as well (yes, you are a unique snowflake, but there a lots of other snowflakes like to you).
As a guide, people looking to rent have a similar checklist of must-haves to owner-occupiers. So, if it’s on their list, it should be on yours.
Check out our suburb profiles — they’re a great place to start your research.