Coffee Collaboration for Pace of Collingwood

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7 years ago
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Described as ‘New apartments with an old soul,’ Pace of Collingwood is already standing out as a key project in this much-loved neighbourhood.

A medium density project topped at nine levels, these luxury apartments have been designed to deliver on the local lifestyle and relaxed vibe, thanks in no small way to the design approach and local intent.

This thinking is already proving beneficial. Pace has teamed up with Co-Ground, whose projects help support education in developing countries. This partnership will see the charity taking up residency with a coffee shop in the project’s sales suite throughout the summer. All proceeds will go towards Co-Ground’s charitable funds.


Says Andrew Crichton, marketing manager at PACE, “We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Co-Ground. Not only because they make spectacular coffee - although that’s obviously a bonus – but also because of the important work they do with communities to improve education in developing nations. We believe being socially responsible is just as important as being fiscally profitable and corporate responsibility is a key component to being in business in the modern age.”

Community incentives are becoming increasingly important for new residential projects to make their mark. Fitting into an existing neighbourhood requires a considerable amount of thought, and Pace of Collingwood is certainly giving it plenty.

As we often see, the inclusion of a boutique coffee shop or eatery is a great way to give potential buyers a sense of the neighbourhood, and also to add true value to that neighbourhood. At Pace of Collingwood, it’s just one way the project has been considerate to its surrounds.

Early in the project’s life SJB Architects took a fact-gathering walk through Collingwood’s post-industrial streets and came away with a detailed picture of everything that locals consider to be integral to the neighbourhood.

They then fed this research back into the design process to inform and shape their architectural approach. In particular, some of this research gave a clear direction for the kind of materials and finishes that would help the apartments fit perfectly into the streetscape.

Beaudene Fulwood, SJB Associate Architect says, “The finer detailed and grain of the bronze metal-clad upper levels of the building are a juxtaposition to the order and solidity of the podium. These levels angle away from the street forming a ‘mansard’ style roofline allowing more natural light and aspect into these apartments.”


In addition to the elegantly urban interiors, each contemporary apartment will also benefit from a landscaped ‘pocket park’ on the roof, cleverly designed to provide plenty of private spots and places to catch up with friends or simply relax – the CBD views will be well worth it.

 Co-Ground’s pop-up café will be opening at Pace of Collingwood on the corner of Langridge and Wellington Street, from February 4th, 2017 and will be serving up great coffee for a great cause throughout the summer.

Co-Ground and the Pace of Collingwood display suite are open from 11am on Saturday 4th February for the launch day celebrations including a traditional aboriginal blessing of the land ceremony at 11:30am.


Regular opening times:

Pace of Collingwood display suit:

Wednesday-Friday, 4-7pm

Saturday and Sunday, 10am-1pm


Co-Ground café:

Wednesday –Sunday, 7am-3pm


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