Demolition to commence at the end of March - Custom Highett is set to be a leader in sustainable design.

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3 years ago
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Custom at Highett offers much more than impeccably located contemporary homes by MAP Architecture - the development is also home to Highett’s most environmentally friendly apartments, helping residents passively reduce their carbon footprint while saving up to 30% on monthly bills.

Demolition will be commencing at the end of March 2021 with construction to follow shortly after. Considering the incredible range of offerings to be available at Custom, this announcement comes as incredibly exciting news - providing purchasers added assurance for a guaranteed timely move in.


The design across all homes at Custom have been guided by the Victorian Government’s ‘Better Apartment Design Standards’, which ensures every residence is both spacious and intelligently designed to provide the highest quality of life. Proudly Highett’s most eco-conscious apartment complex, Custom enables residents to lead a greener way of life without compromising on comfort or quality of life. Thanks to a thoughtful design intent, Custom Residences will be awarded a 6 star energy rating - allowing residents to be comfortable year round without additional energy consumption.

Throughout the homes - and particularly within the bedrooms - MAP Architecture offers carefully considered natural ventilation design to passively and naturally keep the residences cooler in summer; reducing dependence on air conditioning and in turn, reducing day-to-day energy consumption. Similarly, the thoughtful integration of double glazed windows and doors effectively reduces the need for added heating in winter; naturally achieving optimal thermal regulation on colder days whilst reducing the intrusion of external noises. Beneath the surface, high quality thermal insulation offers added assurance that Custom homes remain insulated against temperature changes outside.


Custom also integrates renewable energy within its structure; gas boosted solar hot water systems are available as standard in each home - so residents don’t have to compromise on rejuvenating hot showers at the cost of an eco-conscious lifestyle. Water efficient tap ware and fixtures throughout each residence adds an extra measure to reduce each household’s total water consumption.

Similarly, energy efficient LED lighting throughout each home keeps all areas well lit without costing dearly. The integration of rainwater harvesting technologies sees a centralised tank system collect and store water for irrigation usage across common property landscaping - ensuring residents can enjoy year round verdant landscaping without unnecessarily increasing their carbon footprint.

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