Drummond House redefines luxury living in Australia

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2 months ago
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  • Developer: Bensons Property Group
  • Builder: Balmain & Co.
  • Number of Residences: 51
  • Estimated Completion Date: 2026

Drummond House emerges as a groundbreaking residential development, establishing a new paradigm for contemporary luxury living in Australia. With an array of innovative features unmatched in the country, Drummond House offers residents an unparalleled level of sophistication and convenience.

Architect Karl Fender, principal at Fender Katsalidis, said, “Drummond House introduces several Australian firsts to residential design.

“Drawing from my global experiences, we’ve curated the best of design and luxury to elevate living standards in Melbourne.

“Our inspiration stems from observing apartment living dynamics, emphasizing inclusivity paired with luxurious, future-proof design.

“We prioritize materials of the highest quality, sourced from trusted suppliers, aligning with our commitment to brand pride.

“Pioneering Australian firsts in this building is a privilege, bringing world-class design to Melbourne.”

Drummond House is deemed Melbourne’s most technologically advanced residential building. Click here to learn more.

Drummond House leads the way with three innovative features, each marking a first in Australian apartment living.

At the forefront of its offerings stands the state-of-the-art air purification systems, integrating UV lights to ensure a pristine, bacteria-free environment within the premises. This cutting-edge technology marks a first for Australia, positioning Drummond House as a pioneer in residential living.

Additionally, Drummond House introduces Siemens intelligent cooking appliances, revolutionizing the culinary experience for residents. With an intuitive swipe through pre-programmed settings and vivid images of each dish, residents interact seamlessly with their appliances. These intelligent systems respond to voice commands, offer culinary suggestions, and even transmit instructions directly to the oven, streamlining cooking processes.

Drummond House further embraces the future of refrigeration with Samsung smart fridges, offering residents unprecedented convenience and control over their kitchen. With remote viewing capabilities of fridge contents and expiration date monitoring, residents streamline grocery management and enjoy peace of mind.

Open-plan living with city views at Drummond House. Click here to learn more.

Interior Designer Emma Riquelme from Sora says, “Our design process prioritizes daily practicalities, addressing concerns from the moment one enters.

“We consider raincoat and umbrella storage, bag placement, and ample laundry storage for towels and everyday items.

“Communal areas are extensions of residents’ homes, catering to diverse needs.

“The building serves all residents, with 51 residences tailored to add value to each lifestyle.

“We prioritize inclusivity, creating a space where everyone feels welcome and valued.

“Residents can proudly host friends and family, with ample space for shared experiences and lasting memories.”

Drummond House’s rooftop amenities overlook sweeping city views. Click here to learn more.


Key Highlights:

A Landmark in Sustainability: Drummond House stands as Carlton’s first fully electric building, exceeding industry standards in energy efficiency and design advantages.

Unparalleled Amenities: Residents can anticipate an array of exclusive features including extended guarantees & warranties, number plate recognition technology, Connec X building app, home automation, Siemens intelligent cooking appliances, Samsung smart fridge, and air purification systems featuring UV lights for a bacteria-free environment. A cinema and outdoor entertainment facilities also add the desired level of luxury expected from a building of this stature.

Wellness at its Core: A comprehensive and substantive wellness centre that includes a sauna, salt therapy room and hot and cold baths, concierge services, private dining and entertaining areas, kids play area, business centre, car and dog wash facilities, and much more to ensure that residents experience unparalleled comfort and convenience in a most ideal inner Melbourne location. Carlton is the most walk-friendly suburb in Melbourne, and Drummond House offers extensive bike storage facilities for those wanting to explore our city.

The Pre-School room in Drummond House exclusive to residents. Click here to find out more.

Partners in Innovation: Drummond House proudly collaborates with leading brands including Siemens, Samsung, Nordic Track, Hydro Steam, Air Aroma, Google Door Nest, and Google Home, ensuring the integration of cutting-edge technologies gives a modern,  enhanced living experience.

Construction of Drummond House is poised to commence in September 2024, heralding a new era in luxury living in Melbourne. With its innovative features, unparalleled amenities, and sustainability commitment, Drummond House promises to redefine modern luxury living in Australia.

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