Energy Efficient Tools For City Apartments

Market Insights
9 years ago
1 minutes

Following research that found apartments in mid-rise and high-rise buildings consume 25% more energy than detached dwellings the City of Melbourne has introduced a new energy rebate program.

With almost half this energy consumption attributed to common areas including foyers, corridors, pools, gyms and car parks, the rebates reimburse half the cost, to the value of $3000, for solar panels or LED lighting changeovers that reduce energy use in these areas.

City of Melbourne Environment Portfolio Chair Councillor Arron Wood said energy efficient buildings help reduce owners’ corporation fees and attract better tenants. 

“All energy savings translate to cost savings for apartment owners. And as power bills rise, energy-efficient buildings will also be better investments,” Cr Wood said.

Specifically targeting Melbourne’s established apartment buildings and their residents, owners, managers and body corporates, the rebate program is proving that most established city apartment buildings can reduce energy consumption by up to 30% with simple improvements that save owners money and often pay themselves off in three to five years.

City of Melbourne has partnered with Smart Blocks, a national initiative designed to help apartment owners and building managers reduce energy costs, to deliver this offering.

The partnership has already seen over 80 apartment buildings in the City of Melbourne sign up. You can join the Smart Blocks program online here, create a simple building profile and, with expert advice, begin the process of auditing your building to determine the best energy saving strategies.

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