From slab to settlement – the key steps in your home's construction

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5 years ago
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Building your first home is an exciting process. And whilst you should be able to visit during the construction of your home at any time by appointment with the builder, there are four moments when your home takes a clear leap forward towards completion. Let’s go through the four key steps along the journey.


The pouring of the slab for your new home is the first key milestone as it gives a clue as to the shape of your home’s floorplan.

You should be invited to visit your slab once it has set. Many people choose to celebrate by popping a bottle of champagne and taking a photo on their slab, as it’s the first real tangible piece of the home to be put in place.

Walls and roof framework

The next exciting step is when the main structural framework of your home is completed. At this stage, a Building Surveyor will inspect your home to ensure it meets construction standards.

This is when you get to take a walk around and truly get a sense of where all the rooms are, where all of the windows are and really the size and shape of your home in the context of your block of land. There are a number of construction certification processes along the way and this will be one of them.

And remember: every time you visit your home whilst it is being constructed, you should take the opportunity to point out anything you are unsure of or unhappy with.


Once all of the brickwork, windows, and doors have been installed and the roof is completed, the next milestone is the lock-up. This is when your home can be completely secured by locking the front door. You will likely be invited by your building supervisor to inspect the home at this stage. 

There probably won’t be any plaster on the home’s interior walls yet. All of this, as well as the painting, flooring, and the installation of all of the crucial interior fixtures, fittings, and appliances will now commence… almost there!


Once the home has had its final quality assurance inspection and everything is as it should be, a certificate of occupancy will be issued. The final payment is now taken.

You’ll have the chance to conduct a final inspection to ensure everything has been completed to the standards promised, and you’ll be given the keys.

That’s it – your new home is ready to move in! By this point, it may be difficult to remember the day you walked around on that bare concrete slab – which is why that precious photo is such a valuable memento.

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