A Greener Living

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8 years ago
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If you are a property investor and you want to go for a quick profit, purchasing an off-the-plan apartment could be the perfect solution for you. Off-the-plan deals are based on the idea that properties increase their initial value with time. Speculators buy properties which are still in construction hoping to sell them in two to three years after they are finished for higher price. It has been a working scheme for years, yet today's real estate market offers even better opportunities for the innovative thinkers.

With the ever-expanding popularity of sustainable living, green organisations have managed to raise awareness about the consequences of the carbon footprint we leave on Earth. By strongly supporting the cause for a better, greener world, Australia has been an active figure in the mondial rejuvenation process. The green roofs project, which has already taken place in larger cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, has been a game-changing event for real estate agents.

But how is urban landscaping affecting the local estate market?

Let's turn our attention to the top most important factors which contribute to estimating the price of a property. As much as location and view provide a strong base for a great deal, quality insulation and surroundings are sometimes even paid better. If you wish to sell an apartment on the last floor of the building in a windy region which does not provide a proper view, you might have gotten in trouble. Or at least, this is what happened in the past decades. Today, rooftop landscape architecture has managed to take low quality buildings to a higher level by providing a different perspective of commodity. As a property speculator, you might have made the wrong choice of buying the wrong apartment, yet a low-cost investment in a greener roof might raise the price to unimaginable amounts. Same goes for other small properties and houses which do not offer as much as your would like to sell them for.

Additional Deal-Makers

Of course, don't forget to check the area for community centres and available local gardening, home help and housekeeping services which could add for the better environment of the region you are selling in. Kinder gardens, schools and hospitals are amongst the most important structures which need to be in a proximity to the living areas.

But what do you think of off-the-plan apartments? Could a green rooftop make up for a bad deal and would you buy a home just because it goes by the latest ecology standards. What's your make it or break it point? We would love to read your opinion.


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