In-person appointments to reopen

Market Insights
2 years ago
2 minutes

Update: Following the Government's easing of lockdown restrictions, private inspections will be available from tomorrow across Melbourne. This has already resulted in a massive surge in buyer demand with applications for appointments increasing by more than 350% - indicating that now is the best time to secure appointments and take advantage of the market interest.


In line with the Government’s COVID-19 roadmap, in-person appointments were initially expected to reopen on 23 September 2021 for all our off-the-plan apartments and townhomes across the nation but the industry appears to be opening sooner with agents now taking private appointments as early as 18th September.  

The expected easing of restrictions will allow visitors to physically inspect their potential new homes and envision the lifestyle they could be leading there. 


According to the roadmap, once VIC reaches 70% of first dose vaccine coverage, restrictions will be eased. While the state was initially forecast to hit the mark on 23 September 2021, it is currently five days ahead of schedule offering more assurance that in-person display suite appointments will be allowed in late September. Similarly, NSW has announced plans to fully open to vaccinated residents when the state reaches its target of 70% double-dose. 

The already high levels of vaccinated residents across the nation indicate that this may be the final COVID-19 lockdown. This is particularly exciting for the VIC and NSW property markets with both states having experienced extended lockdowns and banning prospective purchasers from physical display suites. 


While the VIC and NSW property markets held relatively strong during the current lockdowns, CoreLogic data indicates the market is expected to thrive from here on out - indicating a significant surge in activity within the next few months. Philip Lowe of the RBA expressed similar sentiments; “As vaccination rates increase further and restrictions are eased, the economy should bounce back.”

He also stated that “in our central scenario, the economy will be growing again in the December quarter and is expected to be back around its pre-Delta path in the second half of next year.” 

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