Knight Frank data reveals trends behind Queensland’s popularity

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Knight Frank has published its research findings on Australia’s population trends for 2021. These trends saw interstate mobility reach record highs in the absence of offshore migration throughout the pandemic. 

Net interstate migration to Queensland, Western Australia, and South Australia was the highest on record since 1982. 

Queensland accounted for 83% of Australia’s interstate population inflow, with a net gain of 50,162 new residents from interstate migration in 2021. This is the highest figure on record for the state. 

Queensland saw the highest rates of migration of any state in the country, with an increase in population by 75,579, equating to a growth of 1.4% during 2021. 

Queensland’s interstate migration saw gains across all age ranges. A significant 17% of net inflow in 2021 were under ten years old, with a similar proportion being 30-39 years old. This suggests that Queensland's reputation of being a retirement destination is evolving. Only 18% of 2021 net interstate migration to Queensland were over 60 years old.

Western Australia had the second highest increase in population, with a total population increase of 23,860, or 1.1% growth.

Victoria saw an additional 3,925 residents in 2021. Nearly 10,000 Victorians moved overseas, and nearly 20,000 moved interstate. Over 35,000 New South Wales residents moved interstate in 2021. 

Australia’s overall 2021 population growth came in at 0.5%, well below the ten-year average of 1.6%.

Knight Frank’s findings confirm a noteworthy shift in the patterns of Australia’s population growth throughout the pandemic. 

It is unclear whether and how these shifted patterns will persist. However, the positive population trends in Queensland and Western Australia will promote demand in these states across multiple fields, including childcare, housing, medical, education, logistics, and retail.

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