Lifestyle At 181 Fitzroy St

Market Insights
9 years ago
3 minutes

“Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle” - they are the words of Pace Development Group’s Director of Sales & Marketing, Cameron Yates.

That is definitely the case with Pace’s latest 181 Fitzroy St -  and unlike other developments, the combination of top amenities, quality builds and a golden location has made 181 Fitzroy St almost sell itself.

“181 Fitzroy Street has been extremely successful - we have sold 50% of the apartments in three weeks…it has truly been overwhelming and we are excited to see another Pace Development unfold,” said Cameron Yates, as he yelled over the 181 Fitzroy St construction site which is already alive and active.

St Kilda’s streetscape has long been home to innovative architecture and the modern design of 181 Fitzroy Street continues this legacy.

Much like the Art Deco and Bondi-style apartments before it, the design embraces both its surrounds and its prominent location. A series of architectural parapets and a crowned layered façade respond to the streetscape while a rich palette of textural masonry cladding, along with timber panel accents, enhance the character of the design. The generous terraced balconies have been carefully designed to embrace natural light and take full advantage of the spectacular, uninterrupted views across the bay, parklands and city skyline. Effectively offering two locations, purchasers can choose the more active Fitzroy St facing apartments, or the quieter, on but off Fitzroy St location, with apartments that face Pattison St. 

St Kilda, known for its diverse and interesting dynamic, has a strong emphasis on community. The suburb offers so much for the occupier, whether it be parks, beaches or nightlife, St Kilda’s personality is unmatched and is suited to all buyers.

“The interest in 181 so far has been remarkable - with owner-occupiers dominating interest and purchases,” said Yates.

“People are prepared to pay for quality and location - and when you have quality and location, like 181 Fitzroy St, people seemingly act quickly to guarantee a purchase.”

With the reputation of Pace Development Group, and the desirable location of Fitzroy St, it is easy to forget that 181 Fitzroy Street has some of the most state-of-the-art amenities. 

From the lobby to the roof deck swimming pool, the shared spaces throughout 181 Fitzroy Street provide residents with abundant opportunities for private sanctuary or gatherings with friends. The pool on top of the development, which is accesible to all purchasers, is out of this world. An infinity pool that overlooks St Kilda, the CBD and Port Philip Bay, is truly breathtaking, and offers a place for residents to relax, socialise or even exercise - oh and it is heated, so you can go for a swim on a cold winter's night.

“We don't rely on a good looking man or woman to help sell the development, but 181 Fitzroy Street is sold purely on what it is, we want people to buy into 181 Fitzroy Street on its merits,” continued Yates.

While the lobby, characterised by high ceilings and ornate detailing, impresses in scale and grandeur, it’s the innovative amenity that make it an ideal place to live. 

181 Fitzroy Street boasts three fully-staffed roles to serve the needs of the building and residents: a building manager, full-time cleaning staff and a concierge to ensure unsurpassed lifestyle convenience.

Live with ease, utilising the complementary storage space allowing residents to order perishable foods delivered chilled to their door upon request.

The concierge is the residents’ gateway to exceptional lifestyle benefits. Exclusive shared car services and the private booking of communal spaces within the building offers residents convenience and flexibility.

Starting at $449,000, 181 Fitzroy St is an opportunity that cannot be missed - with 50% already sold, it is imperative to enquire now - so click here.