Lucy Turnbull Appointed New Chief Commissioner

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8 years ago
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Lucy Turnbull, the former Lord Mayor of Sydney, and chair of the Committee for Sydney was yesterday appointed as Chief Commissioner of the newly and recently established Greater Sydney Commission.

Mrs Turnbull, married to Australian Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, has been accused of a potential conflict of interest if she were were to accept the position leading up to her potential appointment last month. 

“The position would dovetail with the determination of her husband, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, to use the power of the federal government to improve Australian cities, and would be sure to raise questions about the two working together,” reported the Sydney Morning Herald.

Turnbull’s appointment was effectively confirmed last week by the NSW Cabinet, and she will now lead the commission that will handle and control all planning decisions made in Sydney’s 41 local councils. 

Lucy Turnbull has been very vocal about how much potential Sydney has as a city with the right guidance and direction. 

Following in similar footsteps to Melbourne, a city renowned for the future-planning that occurred during the Howard Government oversight, Sydney’s new railway system and zoning show a determination to make Sydney a city of the future.

"I want to try to make sure that the GSC plays a very effective role in making sure that Sydney's planning future is as good as it can be so that we are a livable prosperous, sustainable and productive city," she told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"A principal within that is that Parramatta becomes a really strong feature," said Ms Turnbull, who's new organisation will be based in Parramatta. "That's a really important task.”