Marida, Mordialloc has sold out

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2 years ago
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We’re pleased to announce, the much anticipated, Marida Project has sold out. This one-of-a-kind development that perfectly blends convenience and elegance has proven to be in hot demand.




Mordialloc is a quaint suburb that has been a well-kept secret. It’s now a flourishing community with wonderful schools, cosy cafes, and restaurants, all nestled by the bay. Located 24 kilometres southeast of Melbourne’s city centre, Mordialloc is a calm seaside town that offers a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of city life.

This coastal community radiates charm and speaks of Melbourne’s rich history, making it one of the most sought-after locations in Victoria. Mordialloc is known for its family-friendly culture, relative affordability, and vast outdoor activities such as swimming, boating, and football.

With a population of approximately 7,500 residents, this quiet community is known for its blue charter boats and its avenue lined with spectacular palm trees.

The small town of Mordialloc is built on a communal love for the outdoors and good food. It was founded in the mid-1800s when fishermen began to notice the abundant supply of fish suitable for Melbourne’s auctions.

The proximity to the beach and the family-oriented festivals and activities makes this the perfect location for any young couple or family.




It’s no wonder Marida has been in such high demand. With spacious and contemporary three to four-bedroom townhouses, Marida offers a unique and welcoming home for people in all walks of life, from families, singles, couples, and empty nesters.

The landscape of these beautiful townhouses offers a cosy feel while keeping you close to nature. There were many floor plans to suit a variety of buyers.

Every detail of Marida was carefully designed. Designs throughout the homes consider function, elegance, and comfort to the unique living space of Marida.

Stunning views and ample sunlight pouring in from large windows allows the daylight to illuminate each home. The combination of textured materials and smooth stone throughout the townhouse gives a warm and modern feel. 

Every detail of the Marida development has your quality of life in mind, from the large balconies with views of parkland and golf courses to the finishing touch of oak timber floors. Marida boasts environmentally considered designs with every home equipped with a solar hot water system and rainwater tanks.


The Team


Brix Property Group has recognised the unique location and lifestyle attributes of the property from the get-go. Seeking from the outset to raise the benchmark for contemporary luxury townhouse living in Mordialloc, Brix has executed the outcome flawlessly thus far.

The team at acclaimed Cera Stribley Architects designed the Marida townhouses to perfection. They have successfully amalgamated a sense of coastal living and urban luxury according to the brief. The timeless architectural design of the townhouses features clean lines, and interesting textures throughout the home, including timber and stone finishes.

The team of designers took into account a modern-day lifestyle. From the spacious floor designs to the well-thought-out details of every square metre of living space, this project ensures that buyers found a home that met their needs.

The use of floor-to-ceiling windows to allow for a contemporary, open feel are what made this project so appealing to many of those that have snapped up these homes.

Eton Property Group is a real estate agency dedicated to high-quality, off-the-plan developments in some of the most sought-after locations throughout Melbourne. Well researched projects are coupled with an outstanding team of experts to create top-quality properties.

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