Meet your new neighbours at Timeless, Camberwell

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3 years ago
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Perfectly located in sophisticated and highly sought-after Camberwell, Timeless is a boutique offering of just 28 luxury residences.

Designed by acclaimed architects Ewert Leaf, Timeless boasts a number of features that set it apart from the local competition, making a home a Timeless a truly unique property offering.


Timeless has been designed to adhere to the Victorian Government Better Apartment Design Standards, meaning that each home is more spacious and has superior spatial awareness compared to other apartment developments.

This focus on elevated quality is also evident in the choice of locally sourced materials, meaning absolutely no compromises have been made when it comes to quality. The 6-star energy rating and 6-star water rating demonstrates the designers’ focus on sustainability while ensuring you pay less on future energy and water bills. 

The cross-flow ventilation in each residence at Timeless creates natural airflow circulation, which allows for less reliance on assisted heating and cooling. The full-height, double glazed windows also help with energy efficiency, as well as reduce sound pollution and invite in streams of natural light.


This natural light contributes to the feeling of immense space inside each residence at Timeless, and showcases the breathtaking, thoughtfully designed  interiors. 

A number of location and design-focused buyers have already secured their dream home at Timeless, including Liz.

Meet Liz - a home owner at Timeless

Meet the neighbours at Timeless

Before securing your new home at Timeless, how long had you been looking?
Off and on for about 2 years across a variety of suburbs.

Had you seen any of Ewert Leaf’s work before?
I had never heard of them before.

Why did you decide to choose Timeless?
A small community in a great area was a huge attraction, combined with a good floorplan, decent sized outdoor area and high quality finishings – it was hard to pass by.

Did you choose the light or dark scheme?
The dark colour scheme.

What is your favourite design element in your new home at Timeless?
The large sized balcony with the water efficient garden.

How have you found the process of buying off-the-plan? 
Extremely easy, was even able to add in additional storage.


Timeless pairs an elegant aesthetic with contemporary convenience, located in one of Melbourne’s most amenity-rich, affluent locales. 

For more information on how you can secure your dream home at Timeless, click here.