Mercer Road: An exclusive collection of oversized townhomes in Armadale

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2 months ago
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Mercer Road is now revealed as the newest residential gem in Armadale – a peaceful inner-city suburb known for its luxurious and relaxing atmosphere and home to Melbourne’s well-to-do.

These exclusive boutique townhomes, carefully put together by world-renowned Australian design team Conrad Architects, cater to those who appreciate life's finer things. Tucked away in one of Armadale’s quiet tree-lined residential streets, only a lucky few will get to call Mercer Road home.

Customise one of Mercer Road’s townhomes to realise your dream home. Click here to learn more.

Conrad Architects has thoughtfully designed Mercer Road's boutique townhomes to seamlessly integrate into the charming tree-lined streets of Armadale. The result – residences that blend modern elegance, exquisite design, and enduring quality. Its robust modernist style redefines sophistication with a refined look, establishing a unique and distinctive identity.

An unrivalled sense of grandeur emanates from the residences’ open-plan living area, where a bespoke travertine credenza and personal lifts create an atmosphere of luxury. Here, floor-to-ceiling windows harvest abundant natural light where ethereal drapery incites a delicate dance of light and shadow. Full-height sliding doors create a seamless indoor-outdoor flow, collapsing the boundaries between inside and outside for an innate connection to nature.

Ensuring your dream home is realised, residents are given the reins. Customise your home to match your unique style and preferences. The expert team at Conrad Architects is dedicated to working closely with you to turn your vision into reality.

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Adding to the allure is a private rooftop garden that offers a picturesque view of Armadale's lush surroundings. Combined with a range of upscale amenities, Mercer Road is truly a rare gem that promises a luxurious atmosphere for its residents.

Location is everything, and Mercer Road boasts a prime one. Situated right in the heart of Armadale, you will be just a brief walk from high-end boutiques, charming cafes, and fantastic restaurants. The beloved High Street is only an easy six-minute walk away – the go-to spot for fashionistas across the city. Living at Mercer Road means having all these incredible amenities right at your doorstep.

Mercer Road will feature an elegant wine cellar exclusive to residents. Click here to learn more.

Mercer Road presents an exceptionally exclusive opportunity. In a neighbourhood where demand far outweighs supply, securing a place at Mercer Road is a testament to one's exquisite taste. This limited offering guarantees that each homeowner will relish ample privacy and space.

Rooftop gardens and personal lifts are the norm at Mercer Road. Click here to learn more.

Mercer Road is a project born from a partnership of experts who truly care about the Armadale community. They all share a passion for innovation, artistry, and sustainability. This collaboration includes the respected Conrad Architects, award-winning landscape architect John Patrick, and the experienced developers at BHC. Together, they've created a remarkable set of homes that showcase great design and expertise.

Offered from $3.95 million, secure your place at Mercer Road and make your dream home a reality. For more information about Mercer Road or to enquire, click here.