A new Patch in North Fitzroy

Market Insights
7 years ago
3 minutes
Through its inevitable urban redevelopment, North Fitzroy is keeping its cool. Tapping into local architects keen to ensure the old neighbourhoods still retain their character and charm is helping make the transition more fluid, and the new Patch Apartments at the top of Queens Parade continue the trend.
With a host of residential projects to their name, developer Goldfields have not rested on their laurels and bring their reputed expertise to these contemporary 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments.
Partnering with local Architects, Fieldwork Projects has resulted in a building infused with local sentiment. Their work is driven by a desire to redefine the future of architecture northside, and if Patch is anything to go by, the regeneration of the area looks to be in good hands.
Interiors are styled around a monochromatic colour scheme that isn’t afraid to pop here and there, particular with the dark choice. In these homes, calmness is created through contrast, with plenty of scope for adding a personal touch.
Floor to ceiling windows maximise natural light, with timber flooring creating a warm environment through the open plan living spaces. Fieldwork have clearly designed floorpans to be flexible, allowing residents to define how they use their homes.
As is clear from the building’s exterior, spacious balconies are cleverly oriented at an angle to the apartments to soak up every last drop of the day’s natural light. These outdoor spaces add real functionality and fresh air to the apartments.
It’s great to see a kitchen design with a bold scheme. Dark charcoal cabinetry is a sophisticated choice for these functionally stylish kitchens, allowing you to create the perfect mood when entertaining. Built-in Asko appliances, plenty of sleek storage and lighting that’s both elegant and practical all help raise the efficiency game.
We’re always keen to see the use of textures within interior designs, and the bathrooms here pack a contemporary combination. Calmly grounded rectangular floor tiles are contrasted with light hexagonal and square tiles on the walls. This is a clutter-free space thanks to its clean lines and simple storage
The measure of an apartment development’s communal shared spaces is whether they add genuine value to a home. Patch delivers. Up on level eight a spacious terrace opens up to CBD views. It’s a place to meet, to share and to socialise.
Landscape legends Tract and Urban Commons have combined their talents to bring trees, grass, timber seating and lush planted boxes to the elevated space. Thanks to the kitchen and cooking area, outdoor dining comes with an enviable CBD view. 
In world of architectural sameness, it’s refreshing to see there are no flat concrete slabs here — the external facades of Patch are fluted with a light subtlety which no doubt will cast changing shadows across the building throughout the day.
Strolling along North Fitzroy’s formerly industrial streets the honesty of brick-built architecture underpins the suburb’s character. Down at street level, Patch assimilates into this landscape perfectly with its dark-toned brickwork facade. Boutique retail spaces in the ground level podium will surely attract the coolest of cafes and coffee shops.
Key to North Fitzroy’s increasing popularity is the price/convenience balance. Patch offers a sophisticated, spacious home in a friendly neighbourhood, yet jump on a train at Clifton Hill Station and you’re just 5 stops from the CBD. That’s the kind of balance we could get used to.
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