New typologies in a new environment - Cera Stribley’s debut in Queensland

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2 years ago
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Multi-award-winning architecture and interior design firm Cera Stribley has officially entered the Queensland residential market with a permanent address at 162 Petrie Terrace, Petrie Terrace. The new office, marking the Melbourne-based firm's expansion to the interstate market, is just minutes from the Brisbane River and is now welcoming clients and collaborators. 

Cera Stribley is a national architectural and interior design practice with roots in the design capital of Australia - Melbourne. The firm has amassed multiple awards and commendations over the years, including the INDE Awards, Melbourne Design Awards and Victorian Architecture Awards. "Our practice was founded on the deep belief that architecture should be uncomplicated, innovative, enduring, sustainable and practical, and we're eager to bring this approach to Queensland," said Domenic Cerantonio, Managing Principal of Cera Stribley, to AD Group. 


Architecture with meaning and narrative  

Domenic Cerantonio, Managing Principal of Cera Stribley. Photography by Maegan Brown.

With numerous projects across Victoria - including some of the state's most affluent suburbs and the CBD - Cera Stribley's reputation for excellence and expertise is rightfully placed. 

The firm's design philosophy is unique in its respect and reflection of the local landscape. "When we start working on a project, we focus on ensuring there is a deep meaning and strong narrative to it. Unlike other architectural or design firms, we don't prescribe to a particular style or theme across all our projects."

"Instead, we focus on creating spaces that mirror the inherent beauty of the location - this approach is unlike anything offered by anyone else on the market," explained Domenic. 

"Late last year, we secured two Queensland-based projects and fell in love with the potential of the area. The opportunity to design lasting legacies that mirror the beauty of the local landscape is inspiring." 


Good architecture can shape a city’s success 

Located at the heart of Toorak, Edition has been designed to balance an architectural language of contemporary sophistication with the established character of its neighbours. Photography by Timothy Kaye.

When asked what Cera Stribley will bring to the sunny state, Domenic described the Queensland property market's enormous potential for growth. "There is increased interest in the area with many people permanently moving north following extended lockdowns and the widespread uptake of working from home. Also, the upcoming Olympics focuses the spotlight even more on the state - driving up the demand for quality properties."

"We're excited to be coming in when we are. Brisbane is on the cusp of growing, developing and improving as a city, and architecture plays a huge part in [the city's] success." 

"Our roots in Melbourne and unique design approach means we're bringing a new perspective to the northern state - new typologies in a new environment," Domenic explained. The firm is looking to make its mark in the medium to high-end multi-residential and high-end bespoke residential space with a few Brisbane-based projects already in the works.  

"Design plays an important role in the way we live, whether through aesthetics or something more meaningful. Through our projects, we have the opportunity to create a better space for people to live in - that's the perspective we're looking to bring to Brisbane's residential design space," added Domenic. 

The start of a new chapter 

The restrained palette at Tate, Kew, ensures the building's elegant proportions, materiality and detailing are expressed. Photography by Emily Bartlett.

In an industry where most firms are busy establishing a particular look or feel for their brand, Cera Stribley brings its team's expertise to the forefront with design principles based on contextualism. This ensures the architecture and design responds to the site’s specific urban and natural environment and include social, historical or physical context explorations and research. The result is that no two projects are the same - giving residents a unique sense of satisfaction that their new home has been created with a purpose. 

Cera Stribley's debut in Brisbane marks the start of an exciting new chapter and will undoubtedly see more award-winning projects. The firm is currently working on two stunning Queensland projects - subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to find out more. For more information on Cera Stribley's previous designs, check out Fabric.

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