A new year, a new apartment – discover the one for you.

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6 years ago
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It probably comes as no surprise that here at Apartment Developments, we see a lot of apartments. Little apartments in huge developments, oversized apartments in modest developments. Inner-city apartments in vibrant surrounds, suburban apartments on leafy, tree-lined streets. And then, of course, there are the varied interior design styles and the all-important range of building amenities to consider. So, what’s the perfect apartment for you?

For the nature lovers

It’s a known fact that there are indoor people and outdoor people. For the latter group, the ideal apartment will be entirely at one with nature. This connection to the outdoor world can be achieved in a number of ways and is at its strongest when all of them come together in a single, nature-loving home.


Discover KEE in Lidcombe 

Firstly, the building must be surrounded by a lush environment – think leafy trees decorating the pavement, a park just around the corner, and a walkable commute that delivers a stunning, nature-infused experience. Secondly, the apartment itself must be designed to invite the gorgeous surrounds in and boost the interior aesthetic through expansive windows. And finally, the apartment should have a generous outdoor space of its own, be that a communal garden or a private balcony dotted with pot plants.

For the luxury inner-city lifestyle

Location, location, location. When it comes to building a lifestyle that centres around the city’s vibrant offering, apartments deliver what a house simply cannot. Living at the centre of it all, an inner-city apartment will allow you to make the most of the CBD’s transport connectivity, its gallery of shopping and dining possibilities, and the exciting nightlife that kicks off after sundown.


Discover Revy in Pyrmont

But, of course, location isn’t everything. Despite what the mantra suggests, the inside of your apartment is just as important. The wave of premium-level new apartment developments rising up in the city has been introduced with a clear priority to deliver interiors of an unmatched grade, pampering residents in every room and every way possible. The luxury inner-city lifestyle is yours for the taking.

For the modern family

The requirement for couples to leave their apartment behind and buy a house in the suburbs when they start a family is dated, and the trend for families seeking a suitable apartment with large floor plans to accommodate their little clan is growing.


Discover South Village in Kirrawee

Most developments now offer three bedroom apartments or more, many of them allowing the possibility of combining floor plans to create a huge, modern home that benefits from the building’s beautiful and well-crafted interiors, communal areas and amenities, and security system including underground parking.

For the everyday holiday-maker

For some of us, the dream lifestyle is one that looks and feels remarkably like being on holiday. And for some of us, it’s a reality. If your ideal apartment is one that has access to an impressive range of building amenities, look no further than the off the plan apartment market.


Discover Esplanade Norwest in Baulkham

We’re seeing more and more developments launch to market with round-the-clock concierge, open-air cinemas, infinity pools, waterfall features, sophisticated dining rooms, rooftop lounges, and even edible gardens. You don’t need to live in a hotel anymore to get that holiday feeling every day.

So, what kind of apartment will help you realise your ideal lifestyle? Browse our full range of NSW off the plan apartments and you’re sure to find ‘the one’.


Hero image: Esplanade Norwest