Newton Apartments Set For Take-Off

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8 years ago
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Williams Landing is an amenity in itself, and this latest development built on the former Laverton RAAF Aviation base is set to take off and inspire the area into significant growth.

Newton Apartments, located on Overton Rd, and developed by Cedar Woods, is contemporary living at its finest, redefining Melbourne’s West. Located only 19kms from Melbourne’s CBD, this boutique collection of only 57 apartments is surrounded by an openness that is unprecedented for its proximity.

“Williams Landing is a comparable distance to Doncaster in the north-east, Mentone in the south-east and Glen Waverley in the east,” said Patrick Archer, development director at Cedar Woods, “all of which are classified as desirable ‘middle ring’ suburbs.”

What makes Williams landing so appealing is that it has its own shopping centre, a major train station, direct connection to freeways, significant parkland, and a future town centre. And based on the September 2015 Urbis report, Williams Landing median property value is 23% higher than the rest of the homes in the City of Wyndham, making it an enviable investment opportunity for both seasoned investors and those wanting to enter the market.

“The population of Williams Landing and its surrounding suburbs is estimated to grow significantly in the next 15 years. Over which time we can expect a new employment closer to be generated in the Williams Landing Town Centre, more infrastructure to be implemented, and housing values to continue their rise,” said Archer.

DKO Architecture, the architects behind Cedar Woods’ previous successful project Jackson Green, has designed Newton with a complete interest and understanding behind the history of the area. 

“The Newton Apartments project is located on the former Laverton RAAF aviation base and the design of Newton pays tribute to the site’s rich history, inspired by the shapes and shadows of aircraft.”

The typology of the building is also quite distinguished from other apartment developments in Melbourne given that there are a high proportion of two bedroom apartments.

“We’ve deliberately prioritised developing large apartments that will cater to families in a sustainable way to support Melbourne’s growth.”

Newton Apartments’ affordability is of an overwhelming appeal, as Cedar Woods wants to present high quality finishes and construction at a value for money price. 

“Newton Apartments presents the opportunity for buyers to purchase within this up and coming area at a low price point.”

Whilst many buyers are reportedly being priced out of Melbourne’s property market, particularly in areas located within 25 kilometres of the CBD, Newton Apartments has seen a great interest from a variety of buyers.

“First homeowners wanting to enter the market in an area that’s close to amenity, and one that is predicted to grow, have dominated interest so far. However the development is also attractive to the ‘downsizer’ market given the walkability of the Williams Landing area.”

Newton Apartments has also seen significant interest from buyers who are already living in Williams Landing, and view Newton Apartments as a compelling investment opportunity, giving testament to the area’s potential growth.

Newton Apartments is located directly across from the Williams Landing Shopping Centre, which includes a supermarket, a GP, a dentist and several other retail stores.


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