On the property search? Here’s your 3-point checklist

Market Insights
4 years ago
3 minutes

If you’ve recently begun your property search, there are plenty of things to think about – so here are our top three.

1. Location

It pays to ensure you are buying into an area that has great amenities, transport connections and a lot of attractive potential for a range of buyers.

Remember, you’re not just buying for yourself. Think not just in terms of your own experience living there day-to-day, but also in terms of the property’s potential future value. This is intrinsically linked to the neighbourhood, its reputation, and its future prospects.


We always recommend you spend plenty of time in the neighbourhood and suburbs you’re thinking of buying in. Go at different times of the day, nights, and weekends so you aren’t surprised by a change of scene after you’ve made this significant purchase. You might want all the vibrancy of living on a main street, or you may prefer something quieter – but you’ll never know what a neighbourhood is truly like unless you spend some time there.

2. Developer Reputation

Peace of mind is important with a large purchase like property. You need to know that the developer is capable of delivering a sound building that’s well-designed and will stand the test of time.

We always recommend you thoroughly investigate the previous work of any developer you’re thinking of buying from.

The reputation of the developer also contributes to the long-term value of your new home. Do your homework and arm yourself with as much information about the developers and builders whose projects you’re thinking of buying into.

The developer profiles section of our website is the perfect place to research developers and their previous projects, so dig deep and find out as much as you can.

3. Floorpan Flexibility

The key to maximising apartment living is to ensure you choose an apartment with spaces that can be used for a range of different purposes. This will help make the most of your home and ensure you always have room to have guests stay over.

When sizing up apartment shapes and layouts, make sure you at least have a big enough area in the living room to open up a sofa bed. This is particularly crucial in a one bedroom apartment, but it will come in handy even if you have two bedrooms.


As you get your head around the various floorplans, consider spaces like a study – are they flexible and configured so you can use them for other purposes? For example, perhaps you’re thinking of starting a family and the area earmarked as a study on the floorplans could actually make a great nursery.

Remember – think flexible and adaptable and you will get much more value out of the property. Apartment living is all about convenience, so make this a key decision point on your search.

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