Outer-Melbourne Apartment Boom

Market Insights
9 years ago
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New developments being built in Melbourne’s outer suburbs represents the growing demand for apartment living outside the CBD. 

Developments such as Point Cook's Soho Village, and South Morang's Morang Views offer convenient access into Melbourne's CBD, but offer the relaxed 'escapist' lifestyle that so many city-dwellers have had to miss-out on due to lack of convenience.; offers new mixed-use residential space and in the case of Point Cook, it’s the first ever apartment development to come to the area.

The Point Cook project has been designed by architecture practice ClarkeHopkinsClarke, and developed by Masbuild. 

Despite some initial scepticism regarding the village’s ability to attract residents, the sold out development indicates mounting interest for apartments in the limited housing market across Melbourne’s growth areas. 

“There’s an absolute lack of diversity in most suburbs; it’s just one type of product and that’s it,” says Dean Landy, Architect and Partner at ClarkeHopkinsClarke. 

“Soho Village highlights an underlying demand because not everyone wants to live in a retirement village or a big house.” 

The masterplan created by ClarkeHopkinsClarke responds directly to the area’s currently limited housing market, incorporating apartments, townhouses and home offices in its design. 

‘We are selling apartments and townhouses for the same price as house and land packages, so in these ultra competitive volume builder led markets it was important to create a unique development that stands out from the rest,” says ClarkeHopkinsClarke Associate Jordan Curran. 

‘Our emphasis was to create a higher density village with all amenities, such as restaurants, supermarkets, childcare and parklands at your doorstep. It was a whole new typology for this area and people have paid a premium to buy into this lifestyle,” Curran says.

The apartments are envisioned for residents looking for a low maintenance, high quality home, attracting a broad demographic such as young families moving to the suburbs to be closer to their family and support systems, and older residents wanting  to downsize. 

“It offers a unique alternative to the typical housing options of these areas and the apartments are very well priced, especially for the level of quality,” Landy says.

“When considering the high amenity in the village that’s been created around the apartment building, it’s a real lifestyle choice.” 

Morang Views, much like Soho Village, is located only 23km northeast of Melbourne's CBD, and the developers have chose Morang as it is Melbourne's fastest growing suburb.

Conveniently located within close proximity to contemporary fashion and entertainment at Westfield shopping centre, diverse restaurants, schools and the new multi-million dollar metro station, this impressive result in the latest population figures, comes as no surprise.

Brought to you by Universal Corporation, Morang Views comprises 215 residences offering purchasers an exclusive lifestyle package.


Stage one boasts 37 light filled apartments, built to harmonise with the surrounds through the use of natural colours and textures and 26 rhythmical townhouses skirting the boundaries providing a sensitive interface to the surrounding streets.

Additional features such as solar heated hot water, rainwater collection and energy efficient lighting are implemented within the architecture in order to set an impressive standard for low cost living and a low carbon footprint.

While Soho Village is a successful example of apartments in the outer-suburbs, Landy recognises the importance for architects to understand the unique needs of growth areas when designing. 

“I believe there definitely is a market, but architects need to be aware of the cost sensitivities to make it viable for developers,” Landy says.

“Apartments in these the outer suburbs need to be cheaper than a basic house and land package in order to be competitive.”

Stage one of Soho Village is currently in its final stages of construction. Residential buildings are due to be completed in February 2016. 

Morang Views is currently for sale, with one, two and three bedroom apartments starting from $315,000 - click here to enquire.